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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF July 2 – 8, 2018

You’ve always known you were here to do something meaningful, Archer. This week could send you on a soulful journey of discovery as you suss out “next steps” of your life path. On Wednesday, July 4, deep-diving Chiron (the “wounded healer” comet) skews retrograde in Aries and your fifth house fame, self-expression and romance. Chiron just entered this zone on April 17 for the first time since the mid-1970s, and you may already be feeling a pull into the public eye. Whether you find the attention unnerving or exciting (or a mix of both), this is going to be your new normal for the coming nine years. As Chiron weaves through the Ram’s realm until April 24, 2027, decide how you want to use your “pulpit.” What’s the message you want to preach and teach? If you’re not the front-person, perhaps there’s another strong leader you’d like to signal-boost. But don’t be so quick to pass the baton! With Chiron in reverse until December 9, you might work with a speaking coach or try a workshop that teaches you how to authentically present yourself on stage or podium, like Committed Impulse. The fifth house is also Cupid’s realm, and Chiron’s reverse could set off some different types of fireworks. Over the coming five months, you might reconnect to a caring person from your past—a love interest who really DOES have your best interests at heart. But shield your field! This is no time to be gullible or overly optimistic. Chiron can scratch at unhealed wounds, forcing us to deal with them and find a lasting “treatment.” You may be faced with a test over the coming days: Dive in with the exciting but destabilizing person and wind up in the same obsessive rabbit hole…or, just say “no” to that first sext, kiss, or other gesture and save a vacancy for someone who can romance you with respect? The choice is yours, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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There’s nothing surface-y about the second half of the week—not by a long shot. On Thursday, July 5 the Sun in Cancer and your esoteric eighth house gets a conspiratorial wink from lucky Jupiter (your ruler) in your dreamy twelfth. What lies beneath, Sagittarius? Don that Sherlock chapeau and start digging, drilling and diving in. You could tap into a wellspring of emotion you didn’t even realize was there. And while these revelations can be surprising, getting them out into the open will be a relief. Candid Jupiter unblocks the dam, but since he’s still retrograde until July 10, wait a week (or two) before approaching the “offending parties.” For now, unpack the situation with a wise council of advisors who can help you hash out proactive solutions. When you start looking, support will pop up at every turn! A life-changing book could “fall off the shelf” or you might discover a webinar or retreat that feels like it was designed for this very chapter of your life.

On Sunday, your monetary musings could take a different route, as the Sun makes its second trine of the week, this time to subconscious Neptune. Have you been stressing about your bank balance lately or feeling like money’s been burning a hole in your pocket? Reflect on how ingrained beliefs might be affecting your current financial standing. Most people subconsciously absorb attitudes about money during childhood. Who were your role models? Did you learn to be conservative or a spendthrift? Do you believe you “deserve” to be monetarily successful? If you discover that you’re limited by notions that no longer serve you, delete them from your personal operating system and replace them with more empowering affirmations, such as “I attract unlimited abundance with ease.” Sunday’s brunch-hour brainstorming might elicit some brilliant ideas for making cash while doing something that also heals the world: a win-win!

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