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Telangana Brand Ambassador “Sania Mirza” inaugurates Telangana Tourism as Luxury Yacht Rides at Hussain Sagar

Telangana Brand Ambassador “Sania Mirza” inaugurates Telangana Tourism as Luxury Yacht Rides at Hussain Sagar

"Sania Mirza" inaugurates Telangana Tourism as Luxury Yacht Rides at Hussain Sagar

The brand new catamaran boats are procured from the United States and will be accessible to ferry the general public from today at the Hussain Sagar Lake. The boats can hold 12-15 members per excursion.

The high-end ride bundle has been introduced by TSTDC with these two new boats; that’ll be priced at RS 100 per individual. Also, TSTDC has also established bash packages priced at these high-end boats at RS 2000 per hour. The party pack celebration began post 8:30 PM and will be available up to 12:00 AM. The boats won’t just provide tourists with a luxury ambiance but also have lower seats that’s closer to the water during the ride.

TSTDC possesses the greatest water fleet in India amongst the state tourism regions, about 95 which consists of large and little boats. The corporation manages leisure established water sports and cruises at different lakes and rivers of the State, Parasailing action at Hussain Sagar, etc., which are popular amongst the neighborhood bunch too. Now the state tourism development corporation runs one mechanical big boat as a ferry to the Buddha statue. TSTDC additionally operates three cruises 2 AC and 1 NonAC for rides and celebrations on the lake. Speedboat and a Jetski also uses to cater to the preferences of experience enthusiasts.

The Telangana Tourism Corporation is proactive in providing the luxury needs to the tourists but also evaluating the requirements of the localities. I’m certain the tourists will have an excellent encounter together with the brand new yachts.”

Since the formation of Telangana, the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation has taken major strides to reinforce the standing in Telangana as a world-class tourist destination. The Corporation has established an adventuresome Chopper ride, providing a breathtaking aerial view of the majestic twin cities; at reasonable costs.

With the goal of providing different tourism experience catering to any or all types of crowds, daring Jungle hostels have been introduced by TSTDC alongside a jungle safari at the kawal Wildlife refuge in Adilabad.

The corporation also manages to mesmerize lakeside bungalows at Warangal situated several meters within the calm lake waters at Ramappa and Laknawarm lakes. TSTDC additionally has another breathless resort at Taramati Baradari in the center of Hyderabad and an exclusive Haritha Heritage hotel at Medak garrison.

TSTDC also arranges Light & Audio shows at two historic fortresses – the Warangal Fort as well as Golconda Fort. These shows have recorded stories (English, Hindi & Telugu) along with creative usage of music, sound and light effects – creating a remarkable history of the garrisons. While focusing on the vanguard of adventure and ecotourism jobs, experience clubs are being organized by TSTDC at Bhongir Fort for rock climbing actions and trekking.

This is a great occasion to go to with the State of Telangana which offers its visitors various areas of abundant wildlife, pure natural beauty, magnificent palaces and fortresses representing architectural combinations along with tremendous opportunities to investigate its cultural and artistic enrichment.

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