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The 10 Most Original RV Trips Ever Undertaken

Traveling with an RV is becoming more and more popular every single day as people seek adventure around every bend. With different sizes and styles of RVs that can fit every traveler’s unique needs, the RV movement is taking the world by storm. The RV road lifestyle affords you the opportunity to travel the world with built-in accommodations and amenities, how great! Seeing the world, remaining physically active, saving money, and having the adventure of a lifetime is, understandably, on most people’s agendas. But some people are looking to take things to a whole new level. So, how can you make your RV trip completely original? Below are some suggestions which might just make you say, “can you really do that in an RV?” Buckle your seat-belts and check out these ten amazing RV adventures.

1. Washington with Mount Rainier

There’s a really wonderful route where you begin in Tacoma, Washington, and circle the incredible Mount Rainier on an amazingly scenic highway. Mount Rainier would be an incredible adventure, especially for those that love hiking. It’s pretty amazing to be able to say you climbed a volcano. Making the trip all that more exciting – there are no RV camping sites within Mount Rainier National Park, not only making this a unique trip but one that will be full of lots of little surprises. Check out or other sites for free camping in the area.

2. North-eastern Minnesota to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Imagine telling your friends, co-workers, and families that you explored one million acres of untouched lakes and forests? How about a nature lover’s paradise you have to get permission to enter? In fact, at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, you have to obtain a permit before you visit. Taking it the extreme, visit during the winter, and experience outstanding ski conditions and pristine snow-crested forests. Just be sure your RV is winterized as the temperatures can drop quite low.
You can take guided tours or just make your own plans. For something really different, check out the Chain of Lakes trails, birthplace of in-line skating. This would be an incredible experience, made all the better with an RV.

3. A Scotland road trip

Scotland is really an RVers dream – filled with remains of castles, liberal RV laws, beautiful coastlines, and a gorgeous mixture of contemporary and traditional. Scotland is quite big, but it’s not impossible to drive through the entire country. Start from the South; make your way up to the North. If it is an adults-only trip, stop by Craighead Howfs for a unique glamping experience with hobbit houses and incredible views.
Make your way through the amazing cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. In August you can check out the largest arts festival in the world. Camp out in the countryside, search for the Loch Ness Monster and spend your days in one of the greenest countries.

4. Portugal to Spain

The ultimate road trip – one filled with beautiful weather and stunning cities. Starting from the South of Portugal starting from Faro, making your way through Lagos, Lisbon, Porto, Santiago de Compostela, and ending in the Cantabrian Mountains.
If you are ending your summer on a road trip in Spain, stop in the tiny village of Bunol for the largest food fight in the world, a tomato throwing festival called La Tomatina.

5. The Italian coast drive road trip

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Images by Siggy Nowak for Pixabay

Starting in Rome and stopping in Naples, Positano, and Tivoli along the way will provide you with one of the most amazing experiences. This will allow you to see the amazing country for a fraction of the price. Trek to Civita di Bagnoregio, the dying city, to see a medieval village high atop a cliff that is being threatened by erosion. Or stop by Bomarzo Park, also known as the Sacred Wood, a wonderfully unique place covered in massive sculptures of monsters and mystical creatures. Finally, stop at La Scala dei Turchi, where Turkish pirates found shelter in the rocky limestone coast.

6. Oslo to Bergen

Don’t miss the bustling city of Oslo, as well as the incredible fjords in Bergen. Check out mountain vistas and glaciers at Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau in Europe. Then hike along the Jæren coastline on the Royal Road, where you can walk along the sunken road that has been used for thousands of years.
Some of the world’s tallest waterfalls are located in Norway. Check out Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall, where you can safely walk behind the waterfall and still stay dry. Whichever route you take, you can hop into your RV, experience the different climates, terrains, valleys, and incredible coastlines for a short adventure or a long, exciting journey.

7. Thailand’s countryside

Although so many people might be taking trips to Thailand at the moment, not many of them will have the comfort of an RV. A road trip around Thailand’s countryside will be a completely original, fun trip to make. There are many routes to take, Chiang Mai to Pai is one of the most interesting, complete with hills, narrow roads and a lot of twists and turns. Camp in Kaeng Krachan National Park with hundreds of species of butterflies. Then head to Hua Chang Cave to see stalagmite formations. You won’t be lacking in things to do and eat along the way with lots of local food options.

8. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, known for its rocky forests along the coast of Maine, is so big it’s a whole RV trip in itself. From the Coastal Trail, Cadillac Mountain, Schooner Head, and Somesville Bridge, this entire trip will be a unique, exhilarating experience. Known as the Crown Jewel of the Atlantic, the historic trails and stunning coastline offer a unique combination of wilderness and history as early North American settlements are frequent in the region.

9. Manali to Leh Highway, India

India is such a beautiful country, filled with culture, history, and amazing sights. However, RV trips around India are still very rare – giving you all the more reasons to undertake one.
Manali to Leh Highway will allow you to see the amazing landscapes in all their snowy glory. At the Rani Nala Glacier, you will find snow year-round, sometimes up to 20 feet deep! Tandi is an essential stop, not only for fuel but for the incredible city at a junction of two major rivers. Definitely check conditions before you take this road trip as the highway is often closed during rainy months.

10. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria isn’t only full of incredible cities, but also magical scenery. Beginning in the incredible, bustling city of Munich, explore the markets and then check out Nuremberg and Partnach Gorge. Stay at the Legoland campsite amid trees, for something a little different. Wonder around the bike paths and pirate-themed activities. A drive to Unterwossen, Ice Caves, and Salzburg will complete this trip.
We hope these little suggestions will inspire you to take a truly original, amazing RV trip. Remember, no matter where you visit – obscure or popular, what makes the trip completely original is what you do to make it your own.

About the author:  Shelley Trupert works for Outdoorsy, an RV marketplace for consumers and pros. She has been camping for almost 20 years and is always looking to find the next hike, off the beaten path. While she used to enjoy tenting in the wilderness, she prefers to camp in an RV now—whether it is a Class C or a teardrop trailer—to enjoy a little comfort after a long day outdoors and the ease of travel it provides. Her goal is to hike in all of the national parks in North America.