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The Greek gem: Mykonos

Greece, s blessed with wonderful warm summers and hundreds of islands, from big ones to some very tiny islets. The great weather, the sun, the perfect beaches, the many options for having fun make Greece and especially Greek islands such as Mykonos is a top summer destination for travelers from all around the world.

Mykonos is the most famous among the Greek islands. The island’s airport alone accepts around half a million tourists each year – not to mention those who arrive by ferries, cruise ships, or private yachts. For many people, vacations in Mykonos are a life’s dream as the island has it all. 

One thing that makes it unique and a symbol of luxury vacations is the big number of superb villas in Mykonos available for rent all around the island.

Dreamy beaches

Soft sand, crystal clear waters, surrounding rocky hills that protect the beaches from the wind – is the usual landscape that a visitor will find in Mykonos beaches. Some of them are organized, and some others are virgin, some have a lot of water sports or other activities, some are a meeting point for international celebrities and VIPs, and some others attract gays or nudists. Let’s see some of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos.

The party beaches: Paradise – Super Paradise – Psarou and Paranga. Here the parties never stop, and thousands of guests choose to spend their days and nights on these beaches, swimming and sunbathing during the day and dancing or drinking all night. They are all sandy and organized with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas, restaurants, and beach bars. If you want to see many celebrities around you, then you should visit Psarou beach.

Platis Yialos – Kalafatis. They are fully organized beaches with watersports, restaurants and a lot of facilities which make them ideal for families with young children or groups. 

Panormos is located in the north but still protected from the Cycladic winds. It is a quiet, sandy beach with a few restaurants and a lot of free space on the sand. Principote is an all-day resort where you will find everything you need – from sunbeds and umbrellas to a healthy meal or an exotic cocktail.

Ornos and Agios Ioannis beaches are not far from Chora, organized but not very noisy. Both locations have a lot of hotels and Luxury Mykonos Villas, as they offer a perfect balance of beautiful landscapes, calmness, and activity.

Intense nightlife

Nights are vibrant at Mykonos, and parties go on everywhere. In Mykonos, you will find some world-famous clubs and bars with the best DJs and a lot of happenings or shows.

Mykonos nightlife is mainly concentrated in two areas: Mykonos Town and the party beaches on the southern coastline. 

In the center of Mykonos Town, you will find a lot of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes. As the night falls, bars also become dancing clubs.  Due to limited space, you will see many of their guests drinking and dancing outside on the streets. Some areas like Matogianni Square or Little Venice become so crowded that it is hard to even walk on their narrow alleys.

This is why many people prefer the party beaches for their nights. Here guests can dance on the sand under the starry sky and even take a refreshing dive into the sea.

Unique Cycladic Architecture

Although touristic growth was fast in Mykonos, the island kept its traditional Cycladic architecture. Whitewashed cubic houses with small openings and beautiful stone-paved alleys, arches, and small gardens with colorful flowers create idyllic scenery. Even the center of Mykonos Town has kept its amazing traditional architecture.

Mykonos has more than 500 churches and chapels.  You will easily recognize them by the blue or red roof on the white structure. The most amazing church on the island is Paraportiani.  It is a unique combination of 5 churches.  Each one built in a different time and a different style.

You can find a mixture of Cycladic architecture and luxury in some of the magnificent Mykonos Luxury Villas. They are the best type of accommodation on the island, and they offer extreme luxury and top quality services. Choose one with a Cycladic architecture and decoration and make sure you get the most of the Mykonian atmosphere!  Enjoy your travel to Mykonos.