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The Impact of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media has dramatically changed the way of doing business. Today, even a small unknown company can reach thousands of potential customers by publishing posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the help of high-quality content, it’s possible to make any brand popular.

The impact of social media marketing for business is hard to overestimate. Do you still have any doubts? Keep reading and you will know in which ways SMM can help to grow your company.

Raise brand awareness

Raise brand awareness

Social media is a perfect place to present your goods and services to a wide audience. Today, you don’t need to pay for an ad to make people get acquainted with your new products. You can publish informative posts on your profile for free.

According to the latest marketing researches, people tend to purchase the products, which they saw on social media. In most of the cases, this choice is unconscious. For example, when a woman visits a sporting goods store, it’s more likely that she will choose leggings she has recently seen on Instagram.

So, if you don’t showcase your products on social media, you lose great opportunities to grow revenue. This is an unforgivable mistake for companies, which operates in highly competitive markets.

Improve the second purchase strategy

If your clients make one purchase and never come back, this is a great problem. You should use social media posts as visual triggers, which make people want your products.

Let’s imagine that you own a bakery and a new customer decided to follow you on Instagram. If you will post photos of mouthwatering cupcakes and cheesecakes every day, you will stimulate customer’s desire to taste them. In fact, you will make him think about your products all the time, forcing him to visit your bakery again.

If your company sells products, which looks great on photos, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to promote them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You should try your best to take high-quality photos, which will make users say: “Wow! It must be a great product! I must try it.” Refined jewelry, splendid flower bouquets, delicious food, and other products can sell themselves in this way.

Get valuable feedback

Positive and negative feedback are both very important for your business. You should know the opinion of your target audience about your products if you want to make your business works better.

Modern users use social media to express their thoughts via comments and private messages. So, you don’t need to spend your time and money conducting surveys. Just check the feedback left on the popular platforms and you will get all the answers.

Keep in mind that you should monitor reviews not only on your social media profiles but also on other channels, which your customers use.  For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can check what does popular YouTube beauty bloggers say about your new lipstick. Read the reviews to understand whether regular customers agree with the opinion of the influencers.

Cut adverting budget

If you own a small business there are little chances that you have a big marketing budget. Social media provides companies like yours with a great opportunity to promote products at almost no cost. If you create viral content, you will grab the target audience’s attention with ease.

So, you should analyze the current posts, videos, images, which your customers like to share on social media. It will help you understand what type of content will generate buzz. Also, you should conduct a little research to learn what tone of voice, hashtags, mentions, and geotags you should use.

Instead of spending marketing budget on a paid ad, you should better invest your money in content creation. It will bring you in a few times higher returns.

Enhance brand loyalty

An effective social media marketing strategy can greatly improve brand loyalty. The more information people will know about your business, the more they will trust you.

You should use social networks to inform your clients that you are going to launch new products, change the design of current items, add new delivery and payment methods, etc. Your customers should know about everything that is going on in your company. When you provide followers with the regular updates, you make them feel valued.

Also, you can publish posts, which tell people about the key employees of your company, story of your brand, your achievements, and awards. You can discuss topical issues and events of your industry as well. This is a great way to show your customers that you are an expert in the field and that your company is 100% reliable.

Provide better customer support

better customer support

Social media is the most intimate and personalized way to communicate with clients. It’s not a surprise that most of the users prefer to contact a company via Facebook or Instagram. They explain that it feels more like texting a close friend.

Even more, if your company targets Millennials and Generation Z, you have no other choices but to use social media for customer support. Young people dislike making calls and writing formal emails. They feel much more comfortable discussing problems with a customer support via Facebook Messenger.


For this reason, business owners should change their attitudes toward social media. Today, it’s not an extra opportunity to attract new clients; it’s a necessity. Buyers stop choosing companies, which don’t understand their needs and don’t provide them with an adequate support.

Make celebrity marketing more effective

Celebrity marketing is a tactic, which is as old as the world. However, in the era of social media, it works better than ever before. Now it’s called influencer marketing.

Today, it’s not really necessary to spend a fortune on filming a fancy video ad and broadcasting it on TV in prime time. It’s enough to ask a celebrity to make a photo with a product and post it on social media.

There is a great difference how people perceive celebrity marketing on social networks and on traditional channels. When customers see their favorite actress holding new mascara on a billboard, they understand that it’s a paid ad. So, they don’t really know whether they can trust this product or not.

But when followers see a post on Instagram, where this actress writes how much she loves her new mascara, they believe her. People perceive such kind of social media posts as honest personal recommendations. It makes customers think like this: “If Anne Hathaway truly liked this product, I must like it too”.

Nowadays, not only actresses, singers, athletes, and TV hosts can influence people’s minds. Followers greatly value opinions of popular lifestyle bloggers, artists, chefs, business owners, coaches and other internet celebrities. The influencers help companies to reach their potential customers in a concrete niche and get the highest returns possible.

In Conclusion

Social media became an integral part of modern life. People are getting more and more addicted to their profiles and spend more time online. Obviously, this trend makes an impact on the business world.

Every company should use social media marketing as a tool to reach customers and turn them into brand advocates. Otherwise, it risks losing all of its clients.

Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She collaborates with Top Writers Review and other websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their name in the online world.

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