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App Store Optimization

Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.

  • Sergey Brin

The world of technology is all about winning a race in the search ‘space’. Stay ahead of all the competitors and get the hits — a proper bang on the absolute and targeted keywords. Superior ranking remains the basic strategy of all the innovative methodologies, application software and any other product. In short, it’s “Search Engine Optimization” for websites and “App Store Optimization” for mobile apps.

Now, here’s a brief on what exactly is the ‘App store optimization’ and the inside-out of the App store. Optimization is essentially the first step taken when any software is launched. The aim of developing a mobile app is obviously to increase the number of downloads. Hence, the focus stays on the search results and the indexing of the applications in the store. The marketing apps rely on the app store optimization tools they use.

How do the search results affect the ranking or indexing of the mobile applications? The answer is quite simple. The words that are typed on the search bar — that is, the keywords. The name says it all. These are definitely the ‘key’ factor that determines the search results. The keywords are simply designated by the most relevant feature of the respective mobile application. And, these words would best describe the application and its use. Applying the best keywords facilitates the mobile applications to gain higher ranks and achieve targeted goals, which ultimately depends on the increasing rate of downloads by the users. Finding the targeted keywords is, thus, not as easy as a pie. It requires an extensive research that can ensure impressive results.

What are the most important steps behind the process of ‘App Store Optimization’? In addition to appropriate usage of keywords, the application title also holds an equal weightage in improving the hierarchy of the mobile application in the App store. In fact, there are platforms that allow the app marketers to test their mobile applications using the testing tools. Furthermore, there are social media platforms that offer experiments and research on targeted keywords in different countries around the globe.

The visibility, the display, the appearance, the icon of the app — yes, this is yet another feature and one of the most important app store optimization tools. How well does the app appear in the app store? Make it simple, and flaunt the best feature of the mobile application through the icon. More complex icons can significantly affect the rating of the application in the store and can turn the app publishers to go for a toss.

Although these occur to be the key factors for app optimization, there are slight variations when the dominant mobile application stores are compared. For instance, Apple App store for iPhones does not provide prime importance to the ‘keywords’ when compared with the Google Play store of the Android. In order to draw more traffic and grab potential customers, the crucial methodologies and the factors used for optimization can vary.

When all the above-mentioned app optimization tools go hand-in-hand, the ratings and reviews of the apps increase automatically. Snatch the accurate words, and propose the excellent title for the mobile app. There can absolutely be nothing else to improve marketing the bran, and do top it up with the simplest icon and get the highest rating with great reviews.

There’s nothing more to be done. Devote your time and effort in analyzing ‘key’words and obtain the finest results in the app store.