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Packing with Purpose: Tips for Moving as a Single Woman

Moving to a new location can seem like an impossible challenge to overcome but it can be even more stressful as a single woman. Between choosing a safe neighborhood to lugging heavy boxes and furniture around tight corners, there are countless obstacles that make independent women want to scream with frustration during this trying time.

Whether you’re moving down the block or moving to another state, try relying on these tips to make your move a little easier.

Pick the perfect neighborhood

perfect neighborhood

While many people will have to move to a new city because of their career or education, it can be harder to choose a location with the whole world at your fingertips. Even if you’ve always dreamed of moving to a big city, you will still have to choose between various suburbs and neighborhoods within that city.

The best way to pick your ideal home location is by visiting the city first. When you take the time to explore a new area, you can talk to locals and explore various avenues for public transit. You can also identify community features that are important to you, including nearby parks or grocery stores. There’s no better way to get a feel for a new place than by visiting it yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to visit a city before they move there. When you want to ascertain you’re moving to a town that suits your interests, do plenty of research online. This includes reading travel reviews, checking out crime statistics, and researching the cost of living for the area. Even if you find the perfect neighborhood, there’s no guarantee you can afford it. Get together with a few friends, hunker down in your local coffee shop for free Wi-Fi, and check out what different towns have to offer.

Clean house with the Konmari method

Moving to a new town demands that you limit the number of items you move, whether you like it or not. While you might be able to leave a few treasured items at home with your parents, moving from one independent living situation to another necessitates a spring cleaning (even if it isn’t spring).

If you’re stuck choosing where to start, rely on the popular Konmari method. Marie Kondo inspired countless Netflix watchers across the globe with her recent Netflix show about tidying up your home. Luckily, this is a great idea to help get your home ready for a move. Start tidying up each location in your home and ask an item whether or not it sparks joy within you. If it doesn’t or if it doesn’t serve a purpose, you can donate it to someone in need.

Rely on professional movers

Moving as a woman can be a challenge, especially if you’re single and moving to a new town. After all, you don’t have a big strong man to help you.

Just kidding. You’re perfectly capable of doing yourself. But you want to ensure you stay safe while doing it. Lifting heavy objects and cleaning your entire house can take forever. Streamline the process and save your back a little pain and suffering by relying on professionals to protect your important goods. When 43 million Americans move each year, professional When you move as a group, you’re also less likely to be targeted by burglars or rapscallions who might be eyeing your important goods.

Stay safe

It’s essential to stay safe during the entire process. Between hiring the right movers and choosing the perfect neighborhood, you never want to put yourself at risk. Avoid danger by securing your belongings, locking your home, and only trusting apartment rentals from reputable sources. Even though you’re perfectly capable of doing everything on your own, you never know when someone might want to take advantage of a single person in a new town.

Move when it’s nice out

The final step of your moving process is choosing the best time to move. This tip goes without saying, but moving in the winter is a huge hassle. Not only do you need to worry about icy roads during travel, but you might need to fight with your energy company if your heat isn’t turned on on time.

Avoid the hassle of bad weather by moving when the weather is suitable for travel. This will make your move that much easier.

When you’re moving to a new home, follow these tips to stay safe in a new town. Whether you’re moving across the country or to the next town over, these tips will help you make the best decisions along the way.

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