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Tips to Help You Master Wine Picking for Any Occasion

Every event and social gathering has one thing in common: alcohol. That’s simply because alcohol has the power to relax us and open us up to other people more. Each occasion, you’ll be faced with a different choice for alcohol. From beer to champagne and everything in between, there’s one type of alcohol that stands out: wine.

Whether it’s red, white, or rose, you can be sure that wine will be just the thing spice up your event. It’s a sophisticated yet laid back drink that everyone enjoys. We all know the flavour, yet there’s still room to experiment with it and find the perfect match for your occasion. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, wine picking is a learnt skill.

1. After a long and hard day

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Even though we wouldn’t really call this an event, it’s still an occasion on which you’d benefit from a glass of fine wine. Working hard all day may be good in the long run, but is also very strenuous and exhausting. You’ll want to relax at home with a glass or two, but the question is, which wine do you choose?

Though some may prefer red wine, it’s better to go with a light white wine in this situation. Red is more suitable for days when you’re not feeling the after-effects of a hectic day. Right now, white wine will have the power to relax you and take your mind off things. Don’t be afraid to pair your glass of wine with a nice hot bubble bath. The warm water will only increase the relaxing effects of the wine.

2. First date wines

With first dates, it’s always difficult to choose the right wine. You don’t know what the other person likes and you want to have a good time, but it can also be very awkward to do so if the bottle you pick simply isn’t right for the person. That’s why first dates are great for experimenting. Instead of ordering a bottle, try ordering by glasses. Each glass can be a different wine that you can try together. This way, you’ll be getting to know each other over various fine tastes.

You’ll get to find out exactly what type of wine is your date’s favourite, and if things go well, you can surprise them with it the next time you see it. If you want to do something even more special, opt for a limited release wine. There’s nothing better than enjoying a night with a special person and a special bottle.

3. Birthday wines

Though we tend not to look forward to our birthdays as the years go by, we still can’t deny that they’re milestones. Your birthday should be a happy occasion with some wine to accompany the celebration. There are many wines you could choose for your birthday, and one idea is to go with your favourite one. After all, this is your special day, so why shouldn’t you choose the wine you simply adore? If you want to be more creative, you can do something a bit different.

Choose the wine from your birth year. This is one of the most special ways to drink on your birthday. You’ll get to drink wine that is the same age as you! This could also make an interesting present for someone else’s birthday. It can be hard tracking down a wine from a specific year, but if you start looking on time, you’ll surely find it.

4. Anniversary wines

Anniversaries are very special occasions that, as such, require very special wines. An ordinary bottle from the supermarket or whatever you already have at home simply won’t do. This is the perfect occasion to experiment with exotic wines which you didn’t even think of trying before. Nothing can make you feel more special and fancier than drinking wine from other countries.

Aside from opting for the classic French and Spanish wines, this is the perfect opportunity to try something you didn’t even know was a thing. For example, quality Australian wines have been doing extremely well lately. Tradition meets the modern age, and export companies offer you just the wines that testify to that. This is also the perfect symbol for an anniversary, especially if you have been together for a long time. You have history, anniversaries are tradition, but you still grew a lot with each other and your relationship is definitely still fresh.

5. Graduation wines

Graduation wines
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Graduating is a momentous occasion, and definitely calls for some good wine. If your children plan on enrolling university in their future, now is the time to start preparing the wine for their graduation. For these kinds of occasions, it’s always best to go with age-old wine. Purchase a bottle of fine red or white wine now, and store it in your cellar. Let it age and don’t come near it over the years, regardless of how tempting it may be.

The wine will age alongside your child and serve as a testimony to their education. Then, when they finally graduate, you’ll finally get to open the wine that you’ve been saving. It’s going to taste that much better simply because you’ve been storing it away all this time. Along with that, wine tastes much better as it matures, so this will make for a quality glass. In a sense, your child is aging like fine wine, so the age-old glass is even more appropriate.


Though you may be new to wine picking, you’ll soon figure it out entirely. Every event you host will be perfect because you’ll be on top of your drink choices. The wine will match the occasion but also the food and the theme. Most importantly, it will be to everyone’s liking. Connoisseurs aren’t built in a day, so don’t worry about not picking the perfect wine the first time. Keep practising and soon you’ll know exactly which type to choose each time.

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