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Why You Should Upgrade Your Living Room with Innovation

I have to admit that doing a furniture upgrade to your home is not an easy task at all, and I’m sure some of you would most likely agree with me unless you don’t mind the endless hours of searching for the exact furniture that you need at the right price. You first have to figure out what colors you want depending on what colors your walls are in the room. You have to start match-making; choosing other items to go along with the items that you plan to put in the room that you will be furnishing.

Needless to say, over the past few weeks, I did a bit of shopping to find some furniture for my new apartment that I will be moving into soon, and there are just so many options I didn’t know where to begin. My new apartment isn’t that big so I was sort of looking for furniture that would be space-saving, as well as multi-functional. It seems that there are so many companies out there nowadays that have this idea of making furniture multi-purposeful. I truly like that idea, especially for single women like me who aren’t looking to just clutter up their apartment with a bunch of “stuff”. It’s the simple-minded, yet classy options out there that I like.

Innovation Furniture Options

innovative furniture

So while I was doing my big search a few days ago I stumbled across a place online, Futons Online who sell Innovative multi-purpose furniture. The website for this company presents one of a kind furniture. It’s called Innovation. I was able to browse their categories of items to see what would be the best fit for me and my needs for furnishing my living room. Ladies, I have to tell you; this website is about so much more than just buying furniture for your home. I mean, it’s truly amazing what this company has to offer and how they came about their tradition of being conscious of the environment while building their furniture pieces.

You see, I really like to support and give my money to a good company that actually has meaning, and that is actually doing something good for the environment. This company does just that. Not to mention, Innovation is a company that is very well established. They’ve been around since the 1980’s, working on various furniture styles that will suit the needs of people from all over the world.

Innovation’s Environment-Friendly Habits

By now you are probably curious and wondering just how Innovation’s furniture building habits are friendly for the environment. Well, I’ll be more than happy to share that with you. Upon doing a bit more research on this company, I found that not only do they have multi-purpose furniture, but they also recycle the materials that they use. They have, what is called, a Zero Waste Policy, which is something that they take pride in sharing with their customers. Now, how awesome is that? I mean, really, how often do you find a furniture company that is going to look after the environment like that? Most companies are only about making money and many are interested in cutting corners to use cheap materials to make a profit off of. This most definitely played a factor in my choice to purchase furniture from them.

It gets even better! The wood that is used for the furniture pieces comes from forests that are known to only have some of the best quality real wood that can be used for creating high quality; yet affordable furniture.

Family and Visitor Friendly Furniture

One thing about having a small apartment, since it’s just me all by myself, is that I don’t really have anywhere for guests to stay if they were to come down for a visit. I wanted multi-purpose furniture because when my parents come down from Colorado to visit during the holidays or just whenever, the futon sofa will easily turn from a sofa to a bed. Also, these futons sofas come in a number of different sofa options to choose from for your ideal comfort level. It used to be that you had a sofa bed with just a basic mattress and uncomfortable set of springs underneath. This company has brought futon sofa beds a long ways from the uncomfortable nights with metal springs digging into your back.

I think that some of you ladies who live in a small home with your kids would truly appreciate the space saving factor of the multi-purpose furniture that Innovation has to offer. You could have a nice, modern living room sofa during the day to lounge around on with your kiddos, and by night you or your kids can sleep on the pull out bed. The bed would also work great for hosting sleepover parties.

Mattress Options

Innovations offers an array of options when it comes to their mattresses for their futons and sofa beds. The best part about it, is that the mattresses are replaceable because they also sell them as accessories. So if, for some reason, your mattress gets ruined after many years of use, you can have it replaced with a new one.



Of course, budget plays a huge role in what you are able to afford when it comes to multi-purpose furniture. After reading about all of the hard work and raw materials the company puts into building their furniture pieces, I thought for sure that this superb furniture was going to be out of my price range. After all, I don’t make very much money. However, once I started looking at the prices of the furniture I was pleasantly surprised with just how affordable the pieces were.

Just to give you a better idea of pricing, you’re going to pay anywhere from $299-$600 for a futon sofa bed. It really all depends upon the quality and thickness of the mattress, as well as if you purchase a 2 seater or 3 seater futon sofa. Obviously, the larger the piece is the more you are going to pay. However, these prices are still quite affordable compared to some competitive options I’ve seen on the web and at local furniture stores.

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