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3 From-Home Careers That Don’t Need A College Degree

In the world we live in today, it seems as though everywhere you go or look, you encounter people working online, in the comfort of their homes, living a computer savvy lifestyle. Over the past ten years or more, the number of people joining the bandwagon to give up traveling to and from work to work from home is on a steady increase, as they ditch their business suits for their sweatpants in their home offices. Suppose you are among the individuals who didn’t complete university studies. In that case, you’re probably contemplating how you could work from home without a college degree and if the fact that you haven’t graduated will confine you to regular commuting to work and never in the comfort of your home. The answer is no! The same opportunity that those with university degrees have to work remotely is the opportunity to work from home, for those without a college degree. Working from-home careers that don’t need a college degree do exist.

As technologies continue to develop, so too is the increasing need for companies to hire remote workers. All businesses have learned this year if there is anything that is having a team that can operate from home. The issue with many big companies hiring workers for a job is that they often consider those with a degree first. However, it does not mean that those without a college degree don’t have a shot at remote jobs. There are many areas hiring employees to work from home based on their skills and experience, not their education. In an attempt to acquire the best talent available on the market, many organizations are extending their job requirement pool to include those professionals who don’t have a traditional college degree. Here are three from-home careers that don’t need a college degree.

Forex Trading

Forex trading from-home
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Trading Forex is the method through which currency exchange happens, where a trader exchanges one currency for another while making profits in the process, depending on his market decisions. When trading forex, you are continually exchanging a pair of currencies, selling one currency at the same time purchasing another, each of which is represented by a three-letter code. That will generally be two letters that represent the country, and one representing the money itself. For instance, JPY for the Japanese yen and USD represents the US dollar. In a GBP/USD pair, you are purchasing the British pound by selling the US dollar. Probably the most often exchanged FX sets are the euro versus the US dollar pairs, the British pound versus the US dollar, and the British pound against the euro.

What is great about trading forex for those who don’t have a university degree is that they don’t need any prior experience before joining the field to make profits. The most that an individual needs when venturing into forex trading is to have an initial investment capital, which will be used to commence exchange. One fun fact is that the demo account serves as a beginner guide to any potential investor. You don’t need to know how much do forex traders make a day before venturing into the field because it is not a hidden fact that the forex market is the largest part of the financial market. So it is no doubt that a non-degree holder would want to invest in this field as a work-from-home option since it has proven to be very lucrative, although risky. Forex trading provides great from-home careers.


Telemarketing from-home careers
Image by nadine coco from Pixabay

As the word implies, telemarketing is the direct selling of products or services to able clients through the internet, phone, fax, and other remote means. This is where your sales skills are put to the test. Selling may either be done on the phone by salespeople in call centers or other work environments or progressively, by automated calls. The direct marketing practice has been facing a lot of backlash because of the high level of call scams resulting from people trying to sell products directly to potential clients. It is also called “telesales” or “inside deals.” This is a perfect from-home job that does not require a university degree. All a client needs here is to be able to sell a pitch. Many companies are currently hiring people to operate their marketing team from home to promote their product or service at all levels. Put your business abilities to the test with the remote marketing occupation. What is good about the job is that, besides the base salary, there are many commissions involved for any sale that goes through. A Company based in Boston called MGM Capital Investments employs telemarketers who have a little bit of sales experience, with very good communication skills. It is worth noting that the marketer has to be persistent, patient, and reliable without fear of rejection when considering this field of work.

 Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

It is virtual, and it is assistant, this screams work from home! Being a virtual assistant (VA) already indicates that it is work from home, and a majority of virtual assistants do not require a degree to secure a job in the field. So if you are one of those who is very organized, good at bookkeeping, responding to emails and calls, this is the best at-home job for you. Many of the regular office work of a personal assistant can be done from home. Thus, the virtual assistant expects to make life easy for their boss and do what a regular office assistant would normally do, but remotely. Virtual assistant opportunities provide great from-home careers.

virtual assistant is just anybody that can help with assignments remotely. This implies you will offer customers services every day, as a temporary worker or independently employed worker. However, this could include not restricted to managing emails, content creation, accounting, visual computerization, online media, and a whole lot more.

Each virtual assistant offers a variety of services. Simply consider what you do best and ensure you customize your offer based on your skills. The best thing you can do, particularly when you are beginning, is to spend significant time in a niche and offer your services in the field. By turning into a specialist in your specialty, you will likewise have the option to get paid more over a long period of time. For this job, a very good Internet network and good experience in using apps like Skype.

Featured Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash