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5 Absolutely Beautiful Locations in Da Nang That Will Satisfy Your Shutterbug Craze

Da Nang is quickly becoming one of Vietnam’s hottest tourist attractions, drawing millions of domestic and international visitors each year. The dynamic city is beautiful from every angle.  It has much to offer traveling photographers.  From a drop-dead gorgeous coastline to breathtaking mountain views and everything in between. Make your holiday planning easier and more convenient by booking a Da Nang travel combo today, then check out our list of picture-perfect locations you should make a point to see when you arrive:

Bà Nà Hills

Bà Nà Hill Station, founded in 1919, as a resort destination for French colonists in Vietnam. Its elevation of over 1500 meters above sea level makes for comfortable temperatures and gorgeous views of the East Sea, as well as of the surrounding mountain scenery. 

Though the 200 or so villas that used to occupy the area are now ruined beyond repair, interest in the holiday spot has surged in recent years. Especially with the opening of such attractions as the Bà Nà Hills cable car, holder of the Guinness World Record for longest non-stop single-track cable car. When taking it, you’ll want your camera—and a warm jacket—ready for the spectacular 17-minute journey. 

Other photogenic spots at the amusement park resort are the Golden Bridge, a 150-meter-long pedestrian bridge held up by giant stone hands; the charming French Village at Sun World Bà Nà Hills, complete with beautiful flower gardens and its own castle; and the gorgeous pagodas of Linh Phong and Linh Ung. 

Tam Thanh Mural Village

You may have heard about the popular Ihwa Mural Village in Seoul, one of the city’s major tourist attractions. A Korean arts exchange program, in cooperation with a local government initiative, has brought that same creative, colorful vibe to a small fishing village just 40 minutes out of the Da Nang city proper. Over a dozen Korean and Vietnamese artists descended upon the tiny hamlet of Tam Thanh. They spent the next ten weeks covering every available space with art and vibrant colors to renew interest in the area and revitalize the local economy. 

Today, you can find 100 murals on display at the Tam Thanh Mural Village.  Paintings are over doors, walls, building façades, and fences. Go on a leisurely photo walk of the area.  You should be able to take some incredible photos to show your family and friends back home. 

The Dragon Bridge

The six-lane Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is the longest bridge in the country at a length of 666 meters. It takes visitors across the Han River.  It is the most direct route towards the beaches of My Khe and Non-Nuoc. 

While the Dragon Bridge is already an impressive architectural marvel in its own right, a spectacular weekend night light and sound show turns it into a major tourist attraction. The dragon arches light up with colorful LED lights when night falls. An illumination show that can be seen even from a great distance. From 9 PM onwards, the dragon’s mouth breathes fire or spits out water, delighting visitors. 

Good vantage points for taking photos of the Dragon Bridge include the many riverfront bars and restaurants that offer views of the bridge from an alfresco dining area or terrace. You can also go on a night river cruise that can take you much closer to the action. 

Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary

This cluster of abandoned Hindu temples and tombs was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.  It has consistently drawn visitors for its mysterious, almost otherworldly beauty. Mỹ Sơn may have been the religious and cultural hub of the ancient Vietnamese kingdom of Champa. It was built between the 4th and 14th centuries. If you enjoy taking photos of historical architecture or just of abandoned places in general, the so-called “Angkor Wat of Vietnam” is well worth the visit. 

My Khe Beach

The 35-kilometer long coastline stretches from Hai Van Pass to Non-Nuoc.  It is famously known to be the most picturesque beach in all of Vietnam. My Khe is inarguably Da Nang’s main draw.   It attracts droves of visitors with its fine white sand and perpetually good weather. Attractive luxury resorts are along most of the oceanfront property. However, even if you don’t check into one of these, you should still be able to get plenty of top-quality shots while sunbathing, playing watersports, or swimming. Make sure your camera is water and sand proof!

Coastal Da Nang is easy to get to thanks to the presence of an international airport that receives flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and other Asian cities, namely Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and more. To get around, both locals and tourists make use of motorcycles.  You can rent one from your hotel or a local company.  Cost is about 4 to 6 US dollars to use for the entire day. If you do not know how to ride a motorcycle, download the Grab app.  Book a GrabBike to zip from location to location in the city center and beyond. Enjoy your visit!