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5 Amazing Travel Tips by Experts for Dog Owners

You may be a travel enthusiast who is ready to trade on any terrain, meet new people, and face every challenge waiting for you in distant places. But your dog may not be prepared to share your troubles around the world. Dog owners have to consider how to take care of their dog when they are out and traveling? 

If you have a small to a medium-sized dog who can travel with you, you need to take specific steps to ensure her comfort. And if her size is too big or she is not in a state to endure long journeys, you must make arrangements for her stay at or close to your place of living. In this article, we consider both possibilities and discuss five tips from experts that will immensely help dog owners travel around the globe.

Decide if traveling with your dog will be comfortable for both of you

Sometimes, dog owners are so fond of their dogs that they are not ready to part ways at any cost. Even if this seems alright from your perspective, it may be highly discomforting for your dog. Although it may seem common sense to keep big dogs at home and carry small puppies, it is not always that simple. Across breed-sizes, dogs may feel uncomfortable in planes, sea-voyages, or long car journeys. Dogs with critical diseases may be more prone to discomforts while traveling. If you choose to take your dog with you, it is necessary for you to carry a comfortable Dog Carrier so that you can easily put and carry your dog in it when you feel the need. 

Arrange pet care for your dog

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On many occasions, leaving your dog in the comfort of home is the best thing for her. However, if you happen to live alone or your family members are unable to take care of your dog, a local pet care may be of help. Remaining in the same locale helps the dogs in maintaining their conventional diet, training routine, and sleep habits. It is important for you to introduce the caregiver/ dog sitter to your dog a few days in advance to avoid any discord between them.

The best way to make them gel well is to make the dog sitter look after your dog in your presence. Experts say that letting the caregiver feed or train your dog in your presence makes the dog feel that the new person is trustworthy. Also, let the sitter know about any particular behavior that may be expected from your dog, like her irritation on touching certain body parts, her dislikes for cats or birds, her urinary frequency, etc. 

Plan for your dog’s air travel

If your dog is accompanying you on a flight, you need to take some extra measures. You can’t simply bring your dog in the cabin just because she is light and small. To be allowed in-cabin space, your dog should have the ability to stand and turn around. So, it’s not only about weight but also about the build and fitness of the dog. Additionally, a noisy dog may become a cause of inconvenience for your fellow travelers. In case your dog is big, she needs to be boarded in the cargo. In that case, your dog must be able to stay without you and also cope with the hot or cold temperatures of the cargo tarmac.  

Studies suggest that long journeys do make dogs stressed and agitated. Since your dog can create all kinds of situations for you on the flight, it is crucial for you to know if the airline provides adequate services for dogs, such as pet toilets, dog-food, medical assistance, etc.  

Be ready with a fitness certificate for your dog

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International travels, especially air travel, require you to acquire a certification attesting the excellent health of the dog. Ideally, this certificate should be given by a vet, not more than ten days prior to the journey. Some of the countries you are traveling to may have some additional requirements to be followed, such as quarantining the dog on landing and so on. It is always safer to check the specific needs of the place you are going to rather than getting stuck in formalities. Also, remember to carry the regular medicines of the dog since you may not find them in other parts of the world, making your case worse. 

Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Many hotels are strict when it comes to pet accommodation. Often, they don’t allow dogs beyond a certain weight-level. However, it will not be prudent to hide your dog in your backpack and get caught later. Choose a hotel that goes by international standards and has provisions for pet care. If your dog is more massive than their accepted standards of the place, you can convince them by describing your dog’s good manners and training.

Hotels always prefer pets that are polite. However, you must consider the cost that the hotel charges for your dog, as you need to include that in your total travel expense.


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It is a difficult decision for dog owners whether they should leave their dog at home or take her along with them, it is important that she stays in comfort at all times. Sometimes, the expenses of the dog’s travel may exceed yours, in which case, it would be wise to let her stay at home with a caregiver. If money is not a concern for you, then, besides planning things for yourself in the new place, plan fun stuff for your dog too. A trip with your dog for once may become a memory for you to cherish forever.

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