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5 Best off Page SEO Technique in 2018

The backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is good content. With perfect content, you can then build on In-Page SEO techniques like keyword optimization, social media links, Title tags and Meta tags. Loading speed will also improve your ranking considerably.

So what is Off Page SEO techniques? These are all SEO strategies you can do outside your website to improve your SEO ranking. In other words, you will be using other sites to increase the authority of your site. The goal of off page SEO techniques is to get as many important backlinks to your website as possible. This is similar to your internal links only that the backlinks originate from other sites.

Note that Off Page backlinks are directed to all pages of the website, not the homepage only. In fact, pages like comment and what we offer can have more backlinks than the homepage. It is the page which has the exact information the visitor need which the backlink will lead to. Backlink fro external website to any page of your site is what is known as deep links.

Off-page SEO is an ongoing process, and it may take time to start seeing results, but once you succeed, your ranking will remain high as evidenced by your best rank tracker.

Below are five off page SEO techniques which are ideal for your SEO this year.

1.  Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Since social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are frequently updated, the search engines will rank high the sites which are populated with social media bookmarking. Social media bookmarking remains the best and sure way to get your website index by the search engines. The trick is to use fitting Tags which are related to your niche on social media. Choose the best social media network for your website to get as many followers as possible. Remember you do not have to pay anything to use social bookmarking.

2.  Forum Link Building

Forum link building is another fantastic way to get backlinks. Leave your footprints in every forum you sign in. Find interesting threads and be a constant participant. If you do this consistently for the duration of time, you will be seen as an expert in that field. Everyone will start to value your comments. When this happens, it is the right time to post direct links to your website. Soon you will get voluminous backlinks to your website, and your SEO will benefit.

3  Directory Submissions

Directory submission still works, especially so if know how to go about it. To succeed here, you need to research thoroughly and find as many dominant websites in your niche as possible. Do not search for these websites in general directory websites but look for them in niche directory websites. The rewards are worth all the efforts.

4  Create Infographics

Make creative and outstanding infographics in your niche. You can choose to sell them, but you won’t get many backlinks from that. To utilize your infographics fully, get them posted on dominant websites in your niche then proceed to tell the webmaster to post them for you and give you backlink in return. Some websites are dedicated to this. You can start with a site like Sumit Infographics, Reddit,, and Infogril. They will readily accept your infographics so that you can get those backlinks you need for your SEO.

5  Submit articles

Some growing but dominant websites are in need of excellent and captivating articles. They are always advertising for new article submission. Write a perfect article in their niche and submit it to them to review. If your article is approved, which it should, you can be sure to get those backlinks.

These strategies are not hard to use.  You can easily adapt them in your SEO this year. For Off-page SEO to succeed, hard work and consistency are needed. You will start seeing results slowly but surely. Remember to remain lively and resourceful in all your interactions with your readers in other websites. This will make them like to know you more on your site. For Off page techniques to succeed, you need to build on your communication and persuasive skills.

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