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6 Essentials You Need in Your Travel Backpack

Everyone’s familiar with those packing guides that list out the things we all know that we need to go on a trip — clothing, a passport, extra socks, and underwear, etc. — but you’re probably not going to forget to pack these essentials. That’s why we’re taking a different approach. In this post, we’re listing the items you might forget to put in your travel backpack, those you didn’t even know you needed, and luxuries that make traveling long days a total breeze.

Read on to learn more about the six essentials we think deserve a space in your travel backpack, and don’t forget to share your go-to travel accessories in the comments!

Travel documents
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

1. Important documents

Yes, we said we’d tackle the most unconventional items that should be on your packing list, but making sure you have your necessary travel documents equally important. So, before packing up your travel backpack and head on your way, make sure you have these essential documents with you:

  • Passport and copies
  • Alternative photo ID, such as your driver’s license
  • Travel or work visa if applicable
  • Health insurance information
  • List of prescriptions
  • Emergency contact details
  • Paper map or written directions
  • Travel itinerary

Now that you have these key items, you’re nearly ready for your next adventure! But don’t forget…

2. CBD

CBD has taken the health and wellness world by storm over the last decade. Although CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of THC, it still holds many of the same benefits. From pain and stress relief to mood enhancement and sleep help, CBD is that perfectly versatile item to pack in your travel bag. Hemplucid CBD products have different travel-friendly solutions, including soft gel caps, body cream, and tinctures.

Whether you need a little help soothing a sore neck after a long flight, or just want to catch some shut-eye on your trip home, CBD is your best bet as far as natural remedies go!

3. Power bank

Cell phones have made traveling much more accessible and easier to navigate for many people. From finding your way to your HostelWorld accommodations or Airbnb to researching the best flights and must-see attractions, pretty much everything you could want to know or find is at your fingertips. But there’s one thing that could come in between you and your travel goals: a dead battery.

We really can’t over-recommend investing in a power bank for your electronics. Not only can it save you in a bind, but it’s probably where many of your travel documents and important photos are, too. 

Pro Tip: Use public chargers when possible and reserve your power bank for emergency situations.

Water bottle
Image by rggroning from Pixabay

4. Reusable water bottle

If you’re traveling on a limited budget like many of us are, you’ll notice how quickly things like food and drinks add up on your journey. Bringing a reusable water bottle can help you save money and do your part for the environment. 

Now, most airports will have refill stations throughout, but you’ll notice that there are fewer public fountains in other parts of the world. The good news is most cafes and restaurants will help you out and fill your water if you ask politely!

A couple walking
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

5. Charging adapter

In addition to your power bank, you always want to have a charging adapter on hand. Depending on where you are traveling, you might not be able to use the charging cables and appliances you brought from home without an adapter. If you’re an avid traveler, it’s worth investing in a global adapter so that you’re never stuck without power.

6. First aid

Whether you’re taking a short road trip or a month-long backpacking tour, it’s never a bad idea to pack a few first-aid essentials. Here are a few items to add to your packing list:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Tweezers
  • Ibuprofen
  • Gloves
  • Cold/flu medicine

Hopefully, you won’t ever need to use these items, but if you do need them, you’ll be glad you have them handy!

Wrapping up

As you prep and plan for your next big adventure, don’t forget to bring along these six items! What do your travel plans look like in 2020 and 2021? Let us know in the comment section below!