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7 Creative Wedding Favors

Favors That Will Delight Your Guests

Weddings aren’t just about the bonding of two people. It requires the utmost hard-work, dedication, and creative ideas to transform the marriage into a successful one. From planning out the unique invitation to selecting the perfect theme for the venue decor, everything needs to be top-notch. The last things that create an impact on the guests’ minds are the gifts and take-home goodies. It’s about time that we change the perspective of first impressions to be the longest one. In reality, last impressions are the ones that stay in the hearts of the people. Hence, you must not take the wedding favors for granted. 

Keep reading to know the wedding favors that are both creative as well as affordable. 

Say Goodbye To The Guests With Cookie Jars

Cookie jars
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Let the guests have a taste of your love by gifting them cookie jars filled with handmade delicacies. There are innumerable types of cookies available, that too, in versatile flavors. Ginger cookies include a blended mixture of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and black pepper. Along with the buttery texture, they also prove to be quite salubrious. Other than that, you can also choose the popular almond-flavored Italian cookies as marriage favors. Add a personal touch to the gifts by personalizing the jar with texts and pictures. You can also look out for unique patterns of boxes with attractive hues. Pack the chocolate chip cookies with a bow and show your gratitude to the close ones. 

Spread Love With Chocolate Boxes

Box of chocolate
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

When it comes to choosing the right gift, chocolates emerge as one of the best options. You can add a personal touch to the wedding favors by customizing the chocolates. You can get the chocolates carved with your names. You would be surprised to know that the customizations aren’t limited to just the chocolates. Even the wrapper, as well as the box, is easily modifiable. Let the box speak for your bonding by printing your couple photograph over it. What’s even better is that you may choose any type of chocolate. From mint chocolates to dark Belgium ones, everything is available at reasonable prices. Grab the stock and see off the guests on a sweet note.

Celebrate The Day With The Noble Grapes

Popping the champagne up is considered to be the most sought after method for celebrations. Keep the party vibes on with personalized bottles of red wine. From the spicy indulgence of merlot to the crispy taste of cabernet sauvignon, you get to choose amongst the many options. Wine is an integral part of our meals, be it the dinner or lunch. Being a gift used regularly in our households, it wouldn’t rot in one corner like the other favors. Surprise the guests with a bottle featuring your attractive pictures and covered with a bow. All you need to do is fetch the engraved spirits and distribute them as a return gift. Don’t forget to save a few bottles for yourself as well.

Grab Some Succulent With Personal Touch

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Weddings are all about spreading love and positive vibes amongst each other. There’s no better way to maintain peace than to gift succulents as wedding gifts. Feng Shui believes that succulents are a source of immense harmony and take away the negativity. Also, these require minimal care and can survive without water for a considerable period. That means your guests need not worry about taking care of this favor. It makes the perfect indoor plant and acts as the best show-piece. Along with this, it enhances the level of oxygen and imparts fresh air in the room. Overall, succulents are unique and can be customized according to your needs.

Share Warm & Soft Blankets With Guests

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

If you’re searching for wedding favors that the guests use for a long time, then consider the pashmina blankets. Designed with the perfect quality material and skill, they will surely keep the cold away. In case the wedding takes place in winter, you might give these blankets to the guests in between the ceremony as well. Your close ones will never forget to carry this gift on picnic days or a chilly morning. Make your guests remember your wedding by adding a personalized tone to the gift. Just print the dates as well as your names on the blankets. Or, maybe just the wedding monogram will do the job.

Spread Fragrance With Handmade Soap Sets

Here’s another way to brighten up the mood of your wedding guests. Let the rosy aroma linger across the venue with handmade soaps as return gifts. Due to their high glycerin content, these soaps are extremely hydrating. The ingredients draw away moisture from the environment and keep the skin glowing. Make sure to look out for an experienced soap-making company. You might choose the specific fragrances like rose, jasmine, or lavender. Personalized soaps are also available with the date, monogram, or even the venue of your wedding. 

Mouth-Watering Doughnuts & Apple Candies

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Just when you get bored with the chocolates and cookies, start thinking out-of-the-box. Doughnuts make the delicious wedding favors, especially for the foodie guests. You might choose a set filled with a variety of flavors like butterscotch, chocolate, or even caramel. Add some apple candies to make the entire box complete. Get the personalized boxes made and print your pictures over it. One of the easiest ways to please the guests is through their stomachs. So, make use of this opportunity and gift your close ones a box of love.

Final Verdict

On your wedding day, you must take care of the favors and gifts. Sit back and choose the right return gift. Make sure to think of something which is both attractive as well as useful. The last thing you want is for the gifts to rot in one corner of the room. From personalized chocolates to cookie jars, show your gratitude with the help of personal touch. Or, maybe you can give something handmade like soaps or doughnuts. Overall, don’t let the guests leave your wedding empty-handed and fetch a little something for everybody. 

Featured Image by GigiEffe_foto from Pixabay