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A Simple Top for Summer Knitting

over the top top knitting patternI’m all about knit tops and tanks for summer. They are great projects to knit when the weather is warm but they also give you a way to wear knitting projects when it’s too warm for sweaters.

The Over-the-Top Top from Purl Soho is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to summer knitting.

It’s worked in linen and wool yarn, so it is actually great to wear throughout the year, but the wool doesn’t make the project as warm as you would think (and thanks to its moisture-wicking properties wool is great to wear when it’s warm anyway).

The shape is simple and worked in one big piece in Stockinette, but the purl side is considered the outside and the side seams are visible on purpose. Hemmed edges give the top a crisp but casual look. You could also wear it knit-side out. This is definitely a basic you’ll love to wear in summer and beyond.

[Photo: Purl Soho.]

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