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Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 12th February 2016

Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 12th February 2016

Bodyguard rushs out Krish. Radhika says she has to fulfill with Krish, but guards do not let her go near Krish. Krish leaves in his automobile and seems perplexed. Radhika’s pals say they need to prepare their CVs and interview will not be given by Krish. They see Radhika inquire what happened and tensed. Friends drop her near her scooter and say enough of her reincarnation narratives.

Radhika sees pencil seller girl and rides her scooty. She rescues the woman. The girl says she saved but what about tomorrow. Radhika says she’ll take her to her house. If she will not have some trouble girl inquires. Radhika takes her on scooty and says no. Krish is observed on his car behind Radhika. Radhika gets down at her residence. Auto stops looks at her and leaves. Radhika will assist her in family chores and says the girl is an orphan. Naani takes and consents lady in.

Krish’s bhabhi phones him and asks if everything is good, why he was calling her repeatedly. He says yes. She inquires what’s the problem.

Buddies do same, and she enters the house. She goes to a room that is paintaining where Krish reveals her paintings all over.

Precap: Bhabhi smells of Krishs coming near door as like Jaya Bachchan feels her son SRK in kabhie khushi kabhie gham’s movie . She sees Radhika and Krish standing near the door.