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Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 16th February 2016

Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 16th February 2016

The episode starts with Krish throwing Radhika out of the house and scolding guards for letting her in and warns that they will lose their job if anyone bargs in again. Icchadhari Nagin attacks Radhika. Krish holds it on time and gets the flashback of his last whole life. Nagin is thrown by him away. Nagin injures changes and her brow into the girl and falls on the tree. Radhika’s friends discuss that Radhika may buy publishing house herself and became quite wealthy now.

Krish’s bhabhi functions Aarti and performs with the entire family. She tells Krish is coming, and she needs all his favorite dishes prepared now. Bua remarks that she has made everything. Bhabhi says their hearts are joined to every other, and they can feel the emotions of each other.

Krish enters with Radhika as bridegroom and bride. The family is shocked to see them. Bhabhi asks who is she. He says she’s Radhika, his wife, and her Devrani. She says his bhaiya constantly tells if comes told well-being doubles. She asks Muskan to do graha pravesh and then performs their arti.

Krish introduces his mom, sister, uncle, aunt, brother, etc., to Radhika and finally introduces Preeti bhabhi as the one who is holding the family together. Radhika touches her feet and takes her approvals. Bhabhi welcomes her to her family. Icchadhari nagin infant girl watches everything and reminisces she trapped Radhika with her innocent action.

Precap: Baby icchadhari Nagin kills the Daadi of Radhika. Sindhoor is applied by Krish on the brow in front of Daadi of Radhika. Perishes and Daadi ask not to leave the hand of Radhika ever.