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Airlift Film Release Date – Airlift (Picture) Release date confirmed

Airlift Film Release Date – Airlift (Picture) Release date confirmed

Akshay Kumar is playing the role of a rich businessman who is looked upon as the person who’ll save the Indians dwelling in the area and take them to a safer area and is stuck in the wake of the Gulf War. The film is not going to be a typical action movie but instead will be a film that can focus on the actual narrative of the event that occurred in 1991 during the Gulf War.

It’d still be published throughout the Republic Day holiday to be able to assemble gain from the occurrence of Republic Day in India that is a government holiday, even if the release date of Airlift picture is transferred.

We expect the release date of the film does not get transferred as we cannot wait for this fascinating Akshay Kumar starrer film and would adore to start in the month of January with a Akshay Kumar starrer. What do you really think about the film, do you believe 22nd January’s release date is going to be the best choice for Airlift film.

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