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Android Wear: TAG Heuer Releases $1,500 ‘Connected’ Smartwatch

Android Wear: TAG Heuer Releases $1,500 ‘Connected’ Smartwatch:

The Swiss are now formally making a smartwatch. It is the first authentic smartwatch from a Swiss high-end watchmaker, but can it solve difficulties looming?

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch is modeled after the classic Carrera model, an auto racing timepiece of TAG. Should you blow off the incredibly generic name, the profile and long lugs of the watch are rather identifiable to anybody comfortable with TAG’s watches.

The case and buckle are designed and made in Switzerland by the exact same team which makes the remainder of TAG’s watches, although the Linked Watch isn’t technically “Made in Switzerland” since the electronic intestines come from Intel.

Android Wear: TAG Heuer Releases $1,500 ‘Connected’ Smartwatch
Android Wear: TAG Heuer Releases $1,500 ‘Connected’ Smartwatch

The Linked Watch is large at 46.2mm across and 12.8mm thick, but it is made of titanium, so it is surprisingly light. The bezel is marked in five-minute increments and has a black carbide coating that gives some comparison against the swept and sandblasted surfaces of the instance.

Paired with one of vulcanized rubber strap as well as a matching titanium buckle of seven colours, it wears and appears a great deal like one of TAG’s mechanical watches.

From a space it is virtually indistinguishable from TAG’s Heuer 01.

However, though, I want it were smaller (perhaps something nearer to 42mm), as well as the reality that their offerings are being sized down by brands like Motorola tells me I am likely not the sole one.


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