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Apple: CEO Tim Cook Says Black Teenagers Getting Ejected From Store Is ‘Unacceptable’

Apple: CEO Tim Cook Says Black Teenagers Getting Ejected From Store Is ‘Unacceptable’:

An Apple shop in Australia has apologized after several black teens were requested to leave one of its retail stores, a move the boys said was due to their race. And Tim Cook, CEO of the technology giant, is offering his ideas too.

Earlier this week, a video posted to social networking shows an Apple worker approaching the six teenagers, who are of African and Middle Eastern ancestry, and telling them workers are “worried about your existence in our shops.”

“They are only worried you could steal something,” the worker tells the group.

“End of conversation,” the staffer said. “I should request you to leave our shop.”

The supervisor of the shop met against the teens and afterwards apologized for the event.

Now, Cook’s remarks have been added by he.

It’s possible for you to also read the text of the e-mail below:



I am certain you’re all conscious of the unacceptable event which happened on Tuesday within our shop in the Highpoint shopping center in Melbourne, Australia,. A security guard had requested several young men, who are pupils at a closeby school, to depart the shop. In an endeavor to deal with the scenario, an answer which shocked many people was given by one of our shop workers.

From seeing the video on the internet, what folks have seen and heard doesn’t signify our values. It’s not a message we’d ever need hear ourselves or to deliver to a customer. Our worker apologized to the pupils and promptly expressed his sorrow.

None of ourselves are satisfied with the way this was managed. But ourselves all can be proud of Kate, among the senior supervisors at the Highpoint shop.

These young men assured that their fellow classmates and they would remain welcome at our shop.

The school’s principal’s words that day harked back to a message you have heard many times from Angela and from me. It is an easy assurance all of us make to ourselves and to our clients:

Our hearts as well as our shops are open to individuals from many walks of life, irrespective of faith or race, gender or sexual orientation, age, handicap, income, language or point of view. All across our business, including our differences and being inclusive makes our shops more powerful and our products better.

Individuals who share these values and exemplify our dedication to diversity staff the Apple Store Highpoint. The team is composed of coworkers from Australia, along with Italy, Egypt, India and five other countries. Put Together the team talk 15 languages, including Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic and Urdu.

We’ll use this moment as a chance to learn and grow, while I firmly think that this was an isolated event as opposed to a symptom of a more extensive issue in our shops. Their training, beginning in Australia, wills refresh on inclusion and client involvement. These are practices and theories the team understand well, but could consistently stand to strengthen.

It is the reason ourselves make our shops inviting and delightful, and expand their reach to help the communities around them. It is the motive we dedicate ourselves to enriching people’s lives.

Thank you all for your commitment to Apple, to the customers, and to our values we’re so very lucky to serve.


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