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Are There Any Opportunities for Holiday Romances and Online Dating?

Holiday romance is a common occurrence. The relaxed atmosphere, easiness, and sense of freedom of the resort are always conducive to making new acquaintances. Also, it fills a person with romantic feelings. We are willing to bet that among your friends and acquaintances. There are definitely those who have had a holiday romance at least once. You might have had such an experience too. Did this novel get a sequel? Let us guess! It probably did not work out.

We will try to figure out why holiday romances, in most cases, do not continue; whether they should be taken seriously; and why romance on vacation and online dating have a lot in common. Surely, this will be interesting!

Why holiday romances fail to continue

Perhaps the main reason is that women and men treat holiday romance differently.

For the most part, women are waiting for some miracle — a real prince on a white horse who will become their lifelong companion. According to the girls, a sea beach or a ski resort is an ideal place to meet your destiny and love at first sight. If a girl is set to get acquainted while on vacation, she will always be dressed “up to the knocker,” with beautiful and spectacular make-up, even if it is impractical, inconvenient, and completely inappropriate for the situation.

For men, a holiday romance is just a short-term adventure that does not need to be continued. A mandating at a resort rarely looks promising with high potential. It’s just a temporary fling for men and nothing more. In addition, men often hide the presence of a family, preferring to play the role of a bachelor to enjoy female attention. Of course, ladies do the same at times.

Holiday romance can become traumatic.

Female and male psychology plays a major role here. For a man, a holiday romance is an interesting experience that is nice to remember and share with their closest friends. However, for girls, it’s just the opposite. If she really hoped for a serious relationship, and all the love disappeared in one moment, this can be a very painful event.

The consequences of an unsuccessful holiday romance can be very serious — from disappointment to a prolonged depression that requires the help of a qualified specialist.

Note: if you really dream of a serious and promising relationship, beware of holiday romance like wildfire. Most likely, here, you will find only disappointment and a feeling of wasted time on a person who does not need you in any way.

What about online dating?

Online dating
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Comparing holiday romances and online dating is not entirely correct. They are completely different. Nonetheless, they have a lot in common. Let’s figure it out!

We mentioned earlier that a resort is generally meant for vacation, a less hasty environment, and a comfortable environment. This is why it is so easy to make new acquaintances, communicate with others, and find common topics for conversation in a much more conducive environment. After all, you must admit, it is much easier to talk to a person at a bar counter on a sunny beach than in an office building when you have a lot of work to do, and everyone is tasked with the business resulting in some anger or strict expressions.

Unlike everyday dating, we imply that resort dating gives a more relaxed feeling. However, the most important thing is that you can create the right atmosphere of easiness outside the resorts.

Below are five reasons why online dating is better than any holiday romance:

1. You are always in a comfortable and cozy environment

To meet and communicate with new people, you only need access to the Internet using a computer or a smartphone. There is fast access to the Web across the globe, and there are no serious restrictions for convenient dating. You can stay in a comfortable environment, feel more confident, and meet new people anytime.

2. You have a more potential social circle

Many people love dating in resorts because there are many strangers in such an environment. However, there are always more people on the Internet! If you have already decided to expand your social circle, then online dating may be your most reasonable option. Many modern dating sites have hundreds of thousands and even millions of users.

3. You have no obligations

You can stop communicating if you discover that the person does not suit you. If you choose to stop communicating, you don’t owe each other anything, and that’s okay. In this regard, online dating is even more convenient than a holiday romance, where you will likely have to explain your unwillingness to continue communication. Hopefully, you can always “disappear.” However, such an act certainly does nothing for you.

4. You can get acquainted and build relationships from any part of the world.

You are not tied to a place because you can start dating at home, continue communication from another city, and arrange your first offline date from a country on the other side of the globe. Internet dating gives endless freedom to contemporaries. It is not surprising that the number of users of dating sites is growing rapidly every day. On the contrary, the percentage of offline dating is declining.

5. The chances of continuing a relationship after online dating are much higher

As we said at the beginning, “in most cases, the holiday romance ends where it begins.” Relationships are extremely rare. Usually, the “lovers” simply go to their cities and never meet again. The prospect is rather doubtful. Therefore, we believe that if you easily get acquainted with people for a relationship, it’s better to do it online than at a resort.

Another important question is: what format of online dating will you choose? The most obvious option is classic dating sites and apps. However, the obvious is not always the best!

We recommend the use of online video chat and not classic web dating. You need a platform that connects random interlocutors via video. The advantages are clear:

  1. You immediately see the interlocutor, hear their voice, and look at body language and gestures. 
  2. You can schedule to meet and communicate from any part of the world where there is an Internet connection.
  3. Video chat allows you to get acquainted in a way that is convenient for you — at home, on a walk, or even on public transport.

But most importantly, video chats and online dating are, in principle, much more promising than holiday romances. Today, about 17% of all marriages in the world are between people who met online, while marriages after a holiday romance are much less than 1%.

Here are some recommended online video chats:

  • Chatrandom — is a video chat with the function of thematic chat rooms and a separate section for communicating with girls only (paid access). 
  • Chatous — is an application that combines classic online video chat and instant messenger functionality for quick exchange of media files and messages.
  • Chatspin — is a simple and minimal video chat with a gender filter and AR masks for those who need anonymity in communication.
  • Videochat.Chat — is a video chat with an unmistakable gender filter and flexible settings for searching for interlocutors. Additionally, has a built-in message translator, which is convenient when communicating with foreigners.
  • Azar — is a combination of video chat and streaming platforms with quite a large audience. Instead of your own photo or video, you can use a virtual avatar.

You can consider other alternatives as well. Online video chat is an extremely popular online dating format in the modern world. The shortage of such sites is definitely not foreseen.

Let’s summarize

To start a holiday romance or not is obviously your choice. The main thing is to remember that only a very small part of such relationships could continue. Sometimes, it is better not to start a romance at a resort to avoid disappointment.

Today, the most reasonable option is to get acquainted on the Web. You may not agree with this. Nonetheless, you can find examples of strong, loving families that were established after a holiday romance. Remember, this is a very rare exception in most cases. Obviously, it’s up to you to decide!

Featured Photo by Surface on Unsplash