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Badi Devrani 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode

Badi Devrani 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode:

The episode starts with psychiatrist inquiring why Moksh despises mud and hypnotizing him. Psychiatrist inquires what occurred to papa. Moksh repeats mud, the homicide of papa. Kadambari inquires what’s occurring enters just then, and attempts to wake up Moksh. Reeti says Kadambari cannot quit like this. Kadambari says she is not going to let her son is tortured by anyone in this way. Doctor says it’s not torture room and treatment room. Reeti is asked by Kadambari dare she’s bring Moksh here and to disobey her, she made a blunder by giving her Moksh’s duty. Kadambari takes Moksh from there and shoves Reeti while Moksh pleads he needs to return to gudiya.

Reeti rationalizes doctor for Kadambari’s play and says someone she came here and came to learn about it. Doc says there’s a huge link between mud and Moksh’s father’s homicide, the will need to understand about it and attempts to leave. Doctor checks pills and says mental illness wills raise rather than falling and will raise stress and blood pressure, someone needs her husband to be crazy eternally. Reeti is shocked to discover that.

Kadambari comes pulling Moksh. Moksh is scolded by Rohan. Kadambari requests Sidhi to bring pills and injection. Moksh says he stands holding door, runs into room and doesn’t want pills and injection. Kadambari requests door to open. Sidhi says she got Moksh crackers. Moksh says he is not going to open door. Rohan kicks door and says he understands the best way to handle mad man. Moksh opens falls down and.

Reeti reaches house and Kadambari must be behind all this she doesn’t need Moksh to get will and believes reminisces gasoline flow and other events. She also reminisces Kadambari and doctor’s words powerfully giving shots to Moksh while he begs not to inject him.

Reeti begs god to reveal her a strategy to shield her husband.