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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant Written Episode 16th February 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant Written Episode 16th February 2016

The Episode starts with the building being scanned by Super Robot through her hand. Super Robot says she’s requested to save the individuals caught in the fire. Surili is found calls for help and in between the fire before fainting. Super Robot scans the place for saves Surili and those. Constable tells Ishaan that he believes that it wasn’t a body that is dead. Shaan says it wasn’t a body that is dead. Constable says but how could she when I assessed her nerve go, it wasn’t defeating.

Shaan believes Rajni asked about the resort and went hearing the fire injury. Constable says resort plaza. Rajni brings outside Surili. The daughter in laws of Surili gets alleviated seeing Surili saved. She asks about the name of Rajni. Rajni says she’s prohibited from sharing her details. Shaan controls Rajni to return to him and comes there in his automobile. Rajni sits in his auto and comes back. Surili is being told that a girl has saved her. Surili is surprised to understand this. Rajni says she wants consideration that is technical.

Shaan thinks the best way to take his supervisor Rajni. He says her mass is similar to human body and feels proud of himself for his creations.

Shaan tells secretary he must get her makeup done instantly and brings Rajni to a beauty parlour. Secretary requests him to wait. Shaan offers to fix something. Secretary concurs. Shaan asks Rajni to act like human till he repairs it. Rajni concurs. Surili tells her husband to look for this girl.

Ambarish and Surili joke when she insists him to go napkin that their complexion is fitting. Bahus believe in searching the girl and going inside their car. Rajni reads a magazine and chats to the girl sitting there. After fixing it, Shaan comes back. Rajni is sent in for massage.

Update yet to come