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Balika Vadhu 31st July 2016 Today Written Updates: Maha Episode!

Balika Vadhu 31st July 2016 Today Written Updates: Maha Episode!

Tonight in the Maha episode of the soap opera Balika Badhu is set to showcase that Nandini will be seen reveal a truth that is a damn crucial point of the show. Throwing light on the point of truth it’s Nandini will be requested to Karuna that Abhayram is Kundan.

Karuna is now shocked to discover so and Kundna additionally announced he can do anything for her and that he is with Nandini.

Later Nandini unites with her brother Shivam and cries. Kundan is about to shoot and trains gun at them. Nandini is shocked. She also declared that she won’t marry Kundan in this her brother Shivam really will be support her.

Balika Vadhu Written Episode 31st July 2016
Balika Vadhu Written Episode 31st July 2016

In the last night episode of the daily soap Balika Badhu it was showcased that Nandini requested to Shivam that why he come here to know from Shivam that Sudha is loved by him. Nandini is shocked and asked to him that what you’re saying brother Sudha is wed.

Why Sudha did not realise your love for her, Shivam said this is so as Premal filled her ears against me Sandini requested Shivam then, but Shivam included further that I am promised to myself that I’ll make Sudha free from the trapped of Premal.

He also requested that Premal doesn’t deserve Nandini and Sudha gives nod. Nandini and Krish in the hospital meet where Karuna went for her regular check up. He merely fumes on rage to see them together and kundan sees Nandini with Shivam and he determined to have Nandini in his life.

Kundan want to wed Nandini as he wishes to ruin Nandini’s life as he is being furious on Nandini and seek to take revenge from her.

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