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Best Promo Video Makers and Templates for 2020

Some of the Foremost and Easiest Promo Video Makers for 2020

Businesses are inflating, and their marketing strategies are also growing day by day. For every business to survive, it is very necessary for them to involve promo video marketing as a part of their brand expansion plans. Video content works not only for engaging the audience but also to get higher ROI. It is hard for a business to pull through in 2020 without video ads.

People love sharing content, especially when it is a video type. Results show that a survey reports an average of 53.5% of consumers who love watching videos and even more when it is from their favorite brand or business. Proportions of measuring the type of content which will be more in use in the future differ in extraordinary terms and measures. Starting from the blog articles to our very much used E-mail marketing, there might be a 14%-23% decrease in the types of content people would want to see.

In-depth articles, online classes, research reports, and social media posts would be viewed as an average of 30%-40%. However, it comes out as if video content was invented for people to like and stay in the industry for long. The percentage of video content people want to see in the future is 53%. This shows massive popularity among the different types of content in use.

However, you need to make your videos the best by using the best video ad maker tool and referring to pre-made promo video templates available, just in case you need a demo to view. 

A poor video or roughly edited one could make your brand less appealing to the audience, which is not preferable or recommended. It might deform your brand reputation. Hence, here is a list of some of the finest promo video makers and different kinds of templates for your rescue! Take a look.

Promo video makers
Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Top Six Video Makers

1. Animoto

Animoto is one of the easiest promo video makers. Sign up for a free Animoto account. It is quick and easy. All you have to do is provide your email address and password. Once you’re signed up, you never have to reapply or fill out any forms to maintain your account-it’s free forever! Perhaps the steps involved are also very easy. Keep your materials handy, for example, your PC, wifi, etc. Go to and sign up. Choose a type of video and the style you want to apply. Add your text, pictures, videos, and preview it for the final step. That’s all!

2. Biteable

It is the perfect promo maker for beginners. Anyone can create a professional video within a few minutes. With the free version, you can share the animated videos you created. For more features, you can purchase the Biteable Premium, which starts at $19USD a month on the annual plan. The premium plans give you access to many features such as no watermark, video clips, and the ability to upload footage that you created and much more. The process is just the same as any other. You make your account, head over to Biteable, and click on the sign-up button. Create a new video and the type you want. Choose your color scheme, add sound, and bring it all together! You can download your promo videos and use them in any way you like for your business. 

3. PowToon

YouTube video
Photo by from Pexels

PowToon is one of the most widely used and best-animated moviemakers if you are looking to make an animated video. It is free and awesome software that enables users to create animations. It gives you the ability to create explainer videos, YouTube animated videos, social videos, or simply animated clips. You can create as many animated presentations as you like. One of the best features of PowToon is its full HD quality video for all paid plans.

4. Renderforest

The Renderforest video maker is a cloud-based video maker for creating videos for YouTube, explainer animations, service promotional videos, music visualizations, travel slideshow, and a lot more. Renderforest online logo maker gives you the ability to create your logo and branding guidance in a few minutes. It involves a free option where you can make 3-minute videos, depending you are fine with watermarks and limited music selection. It focuses on animation rather than any live-action scenes.

5. Wideo

Wideo promo maker allows you to make a promo wideo even if you don’t have any prior editing skills or experience. With Wideo, you can outpace your competitors with affordable promotional videos that your clients will love. Its subscription is between $19-$79 per month. A 7-day trial is also offered for testing purposes. Some of their best templates include Institutional Explainer Video Template, Mobile App Explainer Video, Instagram Video Story, Generic Business Presentation Video, Video Business Presentation Template, and many such more.

6. Motion Den

Motion Den is a little different from the rest of the promo video makers. It helps you create a music video with photos, video clips, and any song of your choice. You can convert your music audios into a video with various features and customize it accordingly. However, Motion Den does not offer any feature for free. You can edit and customize your videos but can’t download or share it for free.

Some of the paid features available with Motion Den include full HD quality videos, no logo or watermark of Motion Den. You can download it to your computer, publish it to YouTube, etc. Motion Den is a user-friendly content creation tool. What makes it unique is that it uses Unsplash and pixel integration, it directly uploads to YouTube, and even a chatbox is available to guide the user. Motion Den’s pricing starts at $9 per month and goes up to $39 per month for unlimited videos.


Promo videos make no sense if you do not use the suitable templates for your videos. There are tons of templates available to make your video look eye-appealing. If you are an after-effects editor, there are a bunch of promo templates at your ease. Simple Promo Video is for free and includes a collection of engaging graphics transition, revealing logos and imagery. Style Promo Video Template screams fashion. It is simple, with defined lines and geometric shapes. Promo Slideshow Template includes a bright and poppy scheme for an image-led project.


However, there are multiple kinds of templates available on each video maker, which can be used for different presentations and purposes.

Get going to make a head start in impressing your clients, boss, or even the audience by handpicking the best video template for your upcoming project. Create something unforgettable for your audience and increase your brand sales! 

Featured Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels