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Before The Surgery: Best Way To Prepare For Your Hair Transplant

It’s official – you’ve decided to get a hair transplant! These procedures are a great way to restore thinning hair. While there are other methods to try first if you’ve already set up your appointment time, odds are, they haven’t worked. You’re probably excited and counting down the days until the procedure occurs. However, you do need to calm down a little and read these instructions before you set foot in the clinic to get your hair transplant. They’ll help make everything go much more smoothly.

The Initial Consultation

When you went to your initial consultation, you and the surgeon discussed how everything would go. The type of transplant (there are two) was determined, and he no doubt gave you some pre-operative instructions. You need to follow those instructions to the letter. They’ll include a number of things that you need to do in the days leading up the surgery. Some of them consist of getting prescriptions filled, while others involve changing your routine medications and lifestyle.

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Medication Warnings

There are some medications that you’ll need to be careful about taking before you go in for your hair transplant. This is tricky because things like blood thinners and beta-blockers are very important for your good health. You can’t just stop taking them. However, you should inform your hair transplant surgeon that you’re on them. They can cause issues during the procedure, so you need to discuss this with your regular medical doctor as well. Both your doctor and the surgeon may have to get together in order to determine the best course of action.  Other things to be aware of are vitamins B and E, as well as any multivitamins that contain them. Painkillers, like aspirin, also need to be stopped. All of these can cause bleeding during the procedure.

Lifestyle Changes

Before you get your hair transplant, you need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The general rule of thumb is not to drink any alcohol for at least three days before your procedure is to take place. The same goes for smoking. Alcohol thins the blood, making it tougher to stop any bleeding that may occur on your scalp during the procedure. This area of the body is known for bleeding somewhat profusely in general, because it is so thin, so there’s no reason to make it worse. Smoking cigarettes harm the blood vessels in your body, making it much more likely that your hair transplant will fail. Ceasing smoking can solve that issue.

Other Things To Know

In addition to these other instructions, there are some general things that you need to know or do before the hair transplant. These include dying your hair three days before it is to take place. You’ll also want to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch (depending on your appointment time) on the day of your transplant. Also, wear loose fitting clothes. You need to remain comfortable during the procedure.

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