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Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 19th January 2016

Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 19th January 2016

Day 100
Its the time to disco plays. Inmates dance and wake up.

A fowl comes in house, Mandana requests her to go away. Fowl goes in vase. Rishab brngs vase in garden, bird flies away.

Bigg boss gives task to inmates “silent disco”, in this endeavor, there will be bash in house in which atleast two offenders should be wearing headphone and dancing in garden place till song plays, subsequently other two will replace them. Bizzer plays, Task begins Keith and Mandana begins dancing.

Tune remains playing, Keith and Mandana are dancing, Mandana hits on Keith’s bottom, they dance funnily. Buzzer plays, it’s time to alter offenders. Prince and Rochelle comes to dance.

Keith and Prince are dancing. Keith embraces her tightly, Yuvika laughs. Prince hugs her, Rishab embraces her also. Prince and Keith are dancing, Prince teases. Yuvika says to Rishab that you played like gentleman, I mean you did have fights but still you behaved Rishab says what about Prince? Yuvika says he said that he wll not as he likes someone else give focus to Nora. Buzzer plays, Rochelle and Mandana goes to dance.
Prince hugs her and comes to Yuvika, Rishab says stay away. Yuvika says to Keith that you are coming out really down, under the shadow of Rochelle.

Yuvika says you said that your jaws damage as i smile so much, he says i said that, also I said that I wanna dance in finale together with you, Yuvika says why Yuvika just? he says it doesnt matter, I need to understand you. Keith says Yuvika you are lucky girl, two boys behind you, Yuvika says in pleasure i said that I would date Rishab and marry Prince, she laughs.

If proposing me was part of game Yuvika inquires Prince? He says no, Yuvika says you talked about my family? Yuvika says afterward I saw Nora’s thing, Prince says Nora valued me so much, Yuvika says I was being asked by folks what is Prince doing with all and Nora. If I ‘d time then I’d have replied to you personally if I had time then we’d have talked about us, Prince says, Yuvika says.

Rishab teases Prince, Yuvika says to Prince which you even said you like Nora, your and her jodi is not nasty, Rishab teases Prince that now there is no chance with Yuvika.

Nora says she greets and embraces Yuvika. Nora says to Rishab that you have positive feedback, your new hairdo is trendy. Prince hugs Nora, Nora says I am miffed with you, he says I should be miffed with you.

Yuvika teases Prince that Nora is with Prince. Prince says it doesnt matter, if a person meets me nicely then I am going to otherwise I dont care.
Rishab requests Nora to break Prince’s heart, she says my heart broke.

Prince says to Nora that I got angry on your own behavior when you dismissed me and came in house. Nora says whats happening? You are juggling between me and Yuvika, its good with me but not with folks, its like you’re talking about me and talking about Yuvika I am aware this is ordinary feeling but you have things that are clear. Prince says I ‘m clear about you, Nora says this is foolish, I am not child. Prince certainly will stay buddy and says Yuvika is my pal, I liked her but nothing more than that, Nora says people exaggerated it.

Nora says to Madnana that now game is done between you and me. Infact Kishwar is done with you. Mandana says we did things in endeavors, we’d crazy in incidents, Nora says folks do get revengeful in jobs. Nora says folks are like Nora will destroy his heart and that Nora used him, I am come on he is 28years old guy, he cant be that fool, Mandana says they’re like you stole him from others.

Gizele comes in house, Rishab gives her kiss and hugs her, she asys you’re looking hot in new appearance. Gizele says Keith is ordinary? He is dancing and all, Gizele inquires where is more family? Gizele says to Mandana that just one week is remaining, control yourself.

Gizele says to Yuvika that you were mentioned in entire season, Yuvika says I enjoyed it, she inquires if Nora is insecure with your existence? he says I dont know, Gizele says Prince should be confused, you and Nora are wearing same colours too.
Nora says I havent faced this kind of embarrassing position.
Gizele says and comes to Mandana lets Mandana dances funnily infront of her, talk, Gizele smiles. Silent disco task is ended by Bigg manager.

Gizele says to Prince that now Yuvika and Nora are at sametime, Prince says recall I killed you with my kiss? Yuvika asks what she believes?

Bigg manager says to Nora, Yuvika and Gizele that its good to see you back, we wish them and they can leave now. Gizele says Bigg manager its merely four days, I want to stay here.

Bigg supervisor requests convicts to determine whose performance was not entertaining in silent disco task, she or he is not going to be part of Bigg manager’s ‘merry dinner’. Mandana says I wanna give the name of Rishab as he was not amusing, Rishab says I wanna give Mandana’s name, alot stopped in dancing. Rochelle says Rishab was distracted by outsiders, Rishab says even Mandana was diverted. Keith says Rochelle and Rishab had same kind of dancing but Rochelle had more looks on face, Keith says to Rishab that I am sorry, Keith says I am saying sorry as you’re not listening, Rochelle asks Keith give her name if he wants, Keith says no, I know who I wish to pick, I have to give your name Rishab.
As she stopped in dancing, Mandana’s name is given by Prince.
Rishab says they believe, I wasn’t entertaining, they still underestimate me. Prince coems there, Rishab says I dont know why Keith always follow Rochelle? I feel bad that he behaves like dog, Prince gives him embrace.

Rishab says to Rochelle that didnt you believe that Mandana was less entertaining? Rochelle says Mandana amused. Rishab asks Keith, Keith says she’d put more energy in dance, Rishab says after winning show I ‘ll enjoy, Keith says dont take it Rishab says as I only didnt work on sayings I ‘ll. Rishab says you constantly merely listen to Rochelle? You might not believe yourself that I wasn’t amusing?

Bigg supervisor asks inmates who was amusing in task? Rishab is said by them, Bigg boss says so Rishab WOn’t be part of Dinner. Rochelle says Mandana’s health is not fine, she is not even present here, Prince says I wont eat dinner.
Sofa is decorated.
Rishab is sitting in bedroom. Mandana is lying in her bed, she is crying.
Buffet is presented to prisoners, Rochelle cries, they dont eat it.

Put it in store room, take that dinner and bigg boss says to inmates that we are not surprised that you people are regretting your decision. Rochelle says sorry Bigg boss but we cant eat it against mankind, you may have listened out request, we cant handle people like animals. Rochelle and Prince places food in store room.