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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 22nd January 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 22nd January 2016

The Episode starts with Awasthi getting Resham’s area assessed. Everyone and Bhabho wait for Babasa. Babasa tries some lines that are shayari. Meenakshi says see, this fan’s shayari should be said by Chotu and this is being done by Babasa. Bhabho calls if his shayari is over Babasa to come. Awasthi apologizes for the trouble. Resham says its fine. Sooraj, family proceeds and Sandhya. Resham makes the place fine. Awasthi is asked by Sandhya did he come here. He says a Pakistani family is here, so I came to see. Sandhya inquires whats the room number. He asks them not to worry and Meenakshi panics, they’re ordinary individuals who came for personal work. He says Mam I ‘ve work and Sandhya asks him to go.

Sooraj rings the bell. Resham welcomes them. They get seated. Meenakshi says Babasa is commending her a lot. Resham remembers the police check. Why are you stressed, Bhabho asks. Resham says nothing, I came from Hyderabad thus… leave it, we will talk about our new connection. Bhabho gives her the shagun for Arzoo. She shows the clothes and jewelry.

Resham says I need to thank you all, I know Arzoo is going in a very good family that is valued. Babasa says we’re lucky and says shayari. Everyone grin. Resham additionally does shayari. Babasa says great Resham ji. Bhabho asks him to stop and looks on. He signs Bhabho to cease. Resham requests them to accept this from her side, and gives them envelops. Sooraj says you are giving Arzoo to Chotu, sorry, but this is not needed. Meenakshi says this is Resham’s love and takes it, I can’t refuse for this.

Resham says I m not unhappy that Sita’s promise is satisfied, I met you all, I would like you to come to my home, meet my family and Arzoo. Sandhya says sure, we will all come. Resham says my address is written in this and gives the card. Bhabho asks it to be kept by Sandhya and could not read hindi. Sooraj was passing to Sandhya and gets it. Meenakshi says after going home, I will reveal it to Sandhya and keeps it. Resham compliments Meenakshi’s clutch. As we were encouraged by you with love, Babasa says we will come. She gets the call and talks of Arzoo to her. Arzoo asks her did she forget her, she did not call her. Resham says I have good news, and m coming, the family of Chotu is here they enjoyed you, marriage date is after a month. Arzoo grins. Chotu is extremely mature and says I m Chotu’s Badi Bhabhi Sandhya, Arzoo is talked to by Sandhya and affectionate, he will keep you very happy, do not worry, you can telephone him Aryan. Sandhya says he is sweet as his name, talk to Bhabho now. Arzoo is blessed by Bhabho. She says its Makar Sankranti today, keep laddoos infront of tulsi. Arzoo says fine. Resham thinks Arzoo WOn’t know of it, and tells tulsi to be found by Arzoo. Resham says call finished.

Arzoo says Dadijaan said tulsi can be found. Her friend asks how we’ll find it till we know about it. Arzoo says Salman, my mind isn’t working, you help me. She says notion, I got Tulsi and tells her friends that I m going home. They go after Arzoo and wonder what is Tulsi. Arzoo calls them and asks them to see Tulsi. She reveals Tulsi Virani’s pic and sing Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai….kyunki saas …..

Chotu tells Priya that he can’t lie to Sooraj and Sandhya. She cries and requests him to say truth to them, they’re not made for each other, although they love each other, we should get separated. He stops her and says I really like you a lot, I can not live without you, I can’t bear separation pain, if I ‘ve to lie to be with you, I m prepared to lie. She says I love you and embraces him. she says I m sure you love me a lot.

Everyone and Bhabho are on the way. Bhabho go to Hyderabad and requests Sandhya and Sooraj to reserve tickets. Babasa says I will also find time. Sandhya presumes who is with him and sees Chotu with Priya. she requests motorist to stop car. Sandhya and Sooraj see Chotu with a woman. She says who is this girl with Chotu. Bhabho asks what happened. Sandhya says I ‘ve work, I’ll just come. Chotu and Priya are leaving on the bike. They get tensed, and see Sandhya and Sooraj. Sandhya and Sooraj go to them.