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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 8th January 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 8th January 2016

The Episode begins Bhabho preparing badam halwa and arranging things for sangeet. Lalima asks her not to take pressure. Bhabho says you are the bride, you don’t seem good roaming like this, go to room, badam halwa will glow your face. She sends Lalima. Meenakshi gets another complain about Emily and comes. Bhabho takes it light. She tells Bhabho that the work will be seen by her here. Bhabho requests her to give badam halwa to Lalima and goes to see presents. Meenakshi sends Jamuni and eats the badams.

Chaturi shows Bhabho about Emily’s exceptional present ideas. Bhabho enjoys it and says whenever this will ring, Lalima will get blessings. The bell moves and it doesn’t sound. She says she is not hearing any sound. Meenakshi says I will see, ghungroo is not there in the bell. Bhabho asks how can this happen. Chaturi assesses all presents and demonstrates its all flawed. Bhabho asks what will happen now. She scolds asks and Emily did she not assess the gifts before buying. Emily says you told me to buy what seems good. Meenakshi says you should have assessed Emily says I did not understand ghungroo is there in bell or not, I did the work. Meenakshi argues.

Emily says Babasa can do mistake, then I m its small blunder by me, also human, Babasa does mistakes you all didn’t say that time. Bhabho yells enough. Babasa looks on. Bhabho asks how can you compare yourself with Babasa, do you mean he’s worthless, your Babasa is actual strength of the house, he is my power, he’s everything. Emily cries. Bhabho says talk with regard about him, I think, can not endure his abuse and talk before me, you are most youthful bahu of this house, learn to accept error than establishing yourself, I ‘ll not tolerate this. She goes. Babasa Meenakshi, Chaturi and Emily get happy. Emily says I got Bhabho’s love back , thanks. Meenakshi thinks Chaturi’s plan worked well for Babasa and Emily.

Bhabho phones the guy and asks him to send gifts. Babasa comes to Bhabho. He says I felt I m worthless burden on everyone, I m ideal dad and not ideal husband, but what you told me today. They weep. She holds his hand.

Meenakshi and Chaturi make Sandhya prepared for sangeet. Meenakshi says hurry up, we must give her some tips too. Vikram and Bholaram make out Sooraj work. Meenakshi asks Sandhya not to laugh and simply shy off. She requests Sandhya to laugh seeing someone else, not Sooraj, guys get envious when we laugh seeing other men. Chaturi requests her to walk like this infront of Sooraj.

SRK’s pic to Sooraj is shown by Bholaram. Vikram asks him to do the action of SRK and open his arms. Bholaram acts. Vikram does act and says I ‘ll do better. Sooraj attempts SRK’s pose. Chaturi look straight, requests Sandhya to walk like she’s keeping a pot on her waistline and grin. Sandhya says you did well, I am going to get self-conscious doing this. Meenakshi says shoot your disgrace, try it. The pic of Salman is brought by Bholaram and Vikram does the style show of Salman. He makes Sooraj compliments and attempt him.

Sandhya smiles and tries walking with nakhras and jhatkas. She stumbles and says if I fall, it will diss. The walk is shown by chaturi . Bholaram and Vikram make Sooraj prepared. Meenakshi calls tailor and says Sandhya’s wedding lahenga should be fit, I’d like her to look heroine. Sooraj smiles and gets dressed.

Meenakshi, Sandhya and Chaturi come downstairs. Everyone smile seeing them. Sooraj comes with Bholaram and Vikram. Sooraj and Sandhya see each other. Sandhya thinks that garments satisfy him. Gopi greets Sandhya and Sooraj.

Sandhya and Gopi dance on the song nagade sang dhol baaje………… everyone clap.