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Full Written Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2015 :

The Episode begins with Sooraj requesting Sandhya to forget everything. She says she does not have any choice than to stress. He says nothing will alter occasionally we have to accept what comes our way, if she stresses.

She says when we’ve a thing that is precious, there’s anxiety linked to it, I really like my family a lot, I m stressed for my family, I can not see anyone in trouble. He says when you discuss all your happiness with me, discuss your stresses additionally this is incorrect, we’re one Emily.
He inquires what, I can not believe this. She says yes, I tells everything, and doubt on Emily. Emily is called by Sandhya. Satya says its not a great indication. She says she’ll phone home.
The call is taken by Meenakshi. Emily is asked for by Sandhya. Meenakshi says Emily has taken physician Pari. Sandhya stops all and says good. This is told by her to Satya. Satya gets to understand that physician has gone abroad for one week, and phones at that practice. Sandhya is told by him.

Did Emily lie Sandhya says, she didn’t understand I m suspecting her. Satya says she’s run away with her daughter, perhaps she realized she is being doubted by you. Satya requests officers to send the pic and details of Emily to every checkposts, Emily must not get away.

The staff phones to tell every police station. Satya and Sandhya get shocked seeing Emily there. First Lokesh and now Emily is thought by Satya, both accepted the offense.

Emily tells Satya and Sandhya that there was nothing left inside their relationship, Mohit used to give cash to Komal the fees of Pari. They simply used to fight. FB reveals Emily going to Mohit and Komal. He asks is he being spied on by her. She requests him to sign it to stop this relationship and gives the divorce documents, she needs exactly the same what he needs, getting cleared of this union.

Komal requests Mohit to sign. He requests Komal to go, he’ll manage. Komal says good, but remember in the event that you wish to marry me and love me, you are going to sign on the papers. She leaves.
Mohit requests where to sign, why do you need divorce, you will not get independence so readily. The papers throw. Emily smacks at him. Her neck is held by him . She shoves at him. He gets damage and goes to defeat on her. She shoves at him with force and he falls in the good. FB endings. She says Mohit has been killed by her, she didn’t want to kill him, that day, Komal has seen me.

Satya says everything is correct, but after concealing your offense for such a long time, why did you come here to accept offense, can I understand why this surprising change of heart. By doubting on me she says I understood, you’ll comprehend. I was scared and Sandhya has seen anxiety and my anxiety, that is why I m here.

She says do not say this to Pari, I do not need her to understand this, she’ll not tolerate this jolt. She weeps. Her water is given by Satya.

Satya says the offense is being accepted by two offenders. Satya says we’ve two evidence against Emily. They return to Emily. He requests Awasthi leave Emily and to take her statement. He says you’re free but when you’re called here, you’ve got to come, and till this case goes on, you also can not leave city. Satya requests Sandhya to come, understand what occurred that day and they must find the connecting connection.

Sandhya and Satya assess the scene, and say Emily and Lokesh accept they’ve shoved Mohit in well, Komal wasn’t there at that point. Satya says afterward someone phoned you to tell about the body of Mohit.

She questions when there isn’t any PCO in nearby set, how did someone phone. She requests telephone records to be checked by Awasthi. Awasthi says it was done -20minutes away from it. Satya says this guy get that call record, we can understand his voice can help us and also discover out who’s that guy who told us.

Sooraj requests physician to do the operation of Bhabho shortly.