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Full Written Episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 28th November 2015

Full  Written Episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 28th November 2015:

The Episode begins with Arnav receiving grin and Khushi’s call. She says she’ll leave and questions how can he backbite against her.

Arnav says you’d already left and isn’t at home.. Khushi gets mad. Hari Prakash says after watering the plant, I ‘ll go. Arnav says I ‘ll give water, and tells he enjoys plants and says they damage and can not speak anyone, even mother used to enjoy it.

He says as they can not give me a reverse response Khushi believes I enjoy it. He says it is false, but might be yes. But why did I do all of the things that I despise and marry Khushi, as she gives me rescind responses. Recall the very first time that I told her that I do not believe in God, how she responded……

A flashback is revealed. Khushi says if he gives pain afterward it is treated by him also. She says when you have power or money, but you can not compete with God. His destiny cans alter. She says nothing can occur without the wish Arnav Singh Raizada of Devimaa. FB endings.

Hari Prakash tells that presents were sent by someone. He gets the call of Nani for forgetting his anniversary, and she scolds him.

He questions where’s his key and believes she is going to be joyful. He says Khushi speaks nonstop and tells he is a quiet kind, that is why it balances. He says she asks him about the day-to-day routine in office and questions what’s the requirement to speak much on telephone.

He says I can hear her laughing and says he’s attempting to improvise. When they got married he sits down and says, Khushi needed to observe anniversary for each second. He says I did not tell her but I do recall the dates nicely. When she got me laugh for the very first time I recall.

Khushi requests where? Arnav laughs for the very first time. FB endings.

Arnav says I do not get why she could not figure out besan on her face. He reveals the Bua ji’s well-known sweets, besan laddoos carton from Khushi’s Babu ji. He recuperated from paralysis and says Khushi’s Babu ji is good now, his sweet store is functioning nicely.

He believes it’s one year quoto which she’ll eat in a day and reveals jalebi carton for Khushi. He believes Di might understand about the keys, and reveals dry fruits for her diabetic husband.

He asks about the keys and gets the call of Aman. He gets tickets to mannat and Lucknow keys. He says he did not do any error, but it was Di and Khushi who did the mannat. He says Khushi was with him in house, etc., office, auto’s trunk He gets a letter and phones someone that is shockingly.

Akash says did you see anything different about me. He says he’s not wearing eyeglasses. Did you take them outside to take it away Arnav says.

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