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Full Written Episode of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th November 2015:

Doctor tests raj n says let me give him anaesthesia, raj says no demand do it I ‘ve pain that is larger afterward this one, raj has koyals words that he’s egotistical n whole wedding scene going on n on in his head.

Koyal in Maddys room, maddy comes in n inquires will u have something shall I get u milk, Koyal says no I ‘m good, Koyal says u must be starving ,maddy says I ‘m fine but tell me one thing lost raj right, Koyal says I ‘m good, maddy says Koyal quit being proper we’re still buddies I’m still ur maddy,

Koyal says I thank god for giving a buddy like u, maddy says Koyal I ‘ll never forgive raj n I wish he was here because he’s simply one who gives u well-being, Koyal says maddy I ‘m with u now n I ‘m joyful, it’s going to be tough to forget raj but I ‘ll,

but u n me are pals for life n for a buddy like u I ‘ve more than love for u, maddy says Koyal no stresses tau understand the reality that I love u so u set friendship in our relationship n I ‘ll set love.

Maddy says Koyal these jewellery n make-up, Koyal says yes it is so heavy, maddy says shall I help, Koyal says no I ‘ll manage, maddy questions what’ll we do today, Koyal says what, maddy says our relationship differs so let us do something we always did in youth lets see films,

Koyal n maddy have interesting viewing picture.maddy says Koyal I need u to give tests again, Koyal says no maddy, maddy says Koyal I ‘ll help u, Koyal says oh u book worm, maddy says now my Koyal is rear.

N Koyal hear the fire breakout news on television, maddy says oh god raj is in that jail. Inspector says raj we can not save that found individual Come out I ‘ve no keys, raj says no mister I ‘ll save him,

Koyal n maddy reach jail, maddy says Koyal I ‘ll save raj n runs in, raj is attempting to save the guy, he breaks the chain n gets him out, raj then runs to kitchen , his jailmate attempts to quit but raj says no I ‘ll go, maddy says raj stop, raj says why are u here I ‘ll do what I wish,

Koyal comes in looking for raj, raj looks at her n goes to save the individuals got in kitchen, maddy says Koyal I can not let raj do this n runs behind raj.

Koyal sees bodies she inquires inspector what occurred, he says that two lads who ran in, one is saved n other is n are unrecognisable n are taken to hospital n.

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