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Full Written episode of Mere Angne Mein 22nd December 2015

Full Written episode of Mere Angne Mein 22nd December 2015:

Begins with Raghav speaking to Shanti. He asks her have food and not to act just like a child. Shanti says you’ve favored Riya over me, you failed to choose the side infront of me of Kaushalya. Raghav says I can be tested by you, I’ll always support you. She says its time for Agni pariksha as well as I ‘ll examine you. He says do not get me in challenging circumstances.

Sarla does playing that she’s unwell. Rani tells Ashok that car dealer will be got by Amit. Since she came in this house, Ashok says, everything great is going on inside your home. Rani makes her envious and sees Sarla. She says she become bringing in bahu and will even work with Amit. She says as if you get Nirmala I ‘ll get service. Pillow throws and scolds Rani. Rani says Amit’s telephone isn’t reachable, I needed to give great news. Rani says I ‘ll wait for him.

Raghav requests Kaushalya what’ll we do, the best way to describe Shanti, Riya did the best way to say Riya is wrong, if we call her incorrect, it’ll be injustice with Riya. She stresses seeing him stressed. Preeti gives updates and discussions to Nimmi.

He says he’s come to meet with her. He requests her to change lights out. What is asked by her. He says he’s amorous now, no one understand or will come whats happening here. He switches the lights off. He tells her that he’s got a lovely present for her, he’ll understand he’s around her constantly. He tells her that she is loved by him . She grins. He says I ‘ve come as part of your room, I am going to convince Dadi in one. He says he needs to Dadi to gift saree. What is asked by her . He says you’ve me. She says you’re in my home, but you’re constantly Shashikala not demanding to convince.

She says her wills not convince, I’ve experienced all that. She grins and they embrace.

Shivam requests her to make him tea and rests in the lap of Riya. He says he must see when they’re not asleep, I’ve to make tea for them also if anyone is conscious. She laughs. He says I ‘ll go. She inquires is he actually going, she was joking, it will be made by her. Ginger tea is said by him. Preeti stresses. Mohit says I ‘ll conceal. He sees Riya as well as goes out. He conceals. Nandu sees Chunnilal missing and wakes up. Chunnilal is called out by him. Why is he yelling Shanti inquires. Mohit coming downstairs is seen by them. Mohit acts to walk in slumber and gets shocked. Nandu says its disorder that is serious. She requests the opposite end to be tied by Nandu . Nandu says he’ll tie Chunnilal.

Preeti gets message its morning. Why is she, Kaushalya inquires. Preeti says she really wants to attend temple. Raghav requests Nandu to come, now he must fill form. Raghav requests him to restrain his emotions rather than weep in this way.

He says I ‘ve sent documents to head office. She requests documents to be sent by him. He agrees and requests her to fulfill with some customer. She leaves. Preeti comes to discussions and radio station to Nimmi on telephone. Roses are given by the guys . Mohit gives her a rose and comes next. She goes and grins with Mohit to his cottage.

Amit refuses to take the help of Riya. Rani requests him to think of the gain. Amit says Riya and I failed to marry, she will not care for me personally. If he wed Riya Rani requests him to forget everything, he’d never have got her. He goes. Rani says I really like you a lot and I am going to do things for the betterment. Sarla fights and comes with Rani. Rani says I believes to gain the heart of Amit and will not lose.

Mohit says he’s a lovely guest with him and begins the show. Shanti laughs and hears him, thinking who’s there now, is she any heroine. Mohit and a particular tune play by Preeti. As the sound goes, the radio is checked by Shanti. The radio station is come to by Riya. The show is ended by Mohit. He says he’ll take her on a java date and apologizes to Preeti. Riya has come there to meet with a customer, and tells the woman that she has come to meet with the manager on behalf of Sunehra business and is Riya.

Mohit says I really like kisses Preeti and you Preeti ji on her brow. Riya gets shocked and sees this. Preeti says I really like you also. The guy requests Riya to come, the manager is waiting. Riya goes. Mohit says Riya can not be here. She is looked at by Riya. Preeti requests you here and gets tensed. Riya sees and turns.

Shanti sees the kitchen calls Kaushalya and rearranged. Kaushalya says its. Shanti gets mad as all this has been done by Riya. Shanti requests Kaushalya to not become like Nimmi. A guy requests and comes Shanti for some gift, as he’s come from an NGO. Shanti gets some cash, and requests him to wait. She says you come after, only take this 100rs currently. The guy leaves.

Shanti requests her to get few old thing, and tells Kaushalya to believe how selfish is she. She is sent by her. Riya discussions to the customer. He requests the deal for the business. Riya remembers Chunnilal and Preeti. She tells her firm’s strategy, and says sorry. She panics and loses the papers. He says I believe your disposition isn’t great today, we’ll keep meeting afterwards. She says sorry, you assess papers. He says you clear your confusion Riya ji and gets a call, I must go. She leaves and says sorry.

Sarla and Amit in regards to the call. Its call is said by Amit . The guy from Sunehra business says he got the papers and calls him. Amit says he stops call and is not interested. He tells Sarla that he is being called by the business of Riya, I believe Riya needs commission, I will not let gain is got by Riya. Rani says right Amit ji, bureau is Riya’s, what gain we’ve, its great now. Sarla tells Amit on a monthly basis that Riya brings in nicely. Amit says yes. If we get great number Sarla says, we are going to get opportunity to flaunt to Shanti, take this opportunity.

Riya sees the banner and comes out of radio station. She inquires the guy who’s he and sees the pic of Mohit. The guy says he’s well-known RJ Mohit Mohir. She is shocked and asks what.