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Full Written episode of Mere Angne Mein 22nd November 2015

Full Written episode of Mere Angne Mein 22nd November 2015:

Begins with Kaushalya. Riya believes to reveal reports to physician. Preeti says she didn’t speak to Mohit till now. Shanti asks Preeti to give sadhu food. Riya tells Shanti that she’s to go for pressing meeting. Preeti goes to give food/Bhiksha to Mohit winks and sadhu at her. Sadhu what’s he doing is asked by Preeti. He removes his moustache and Preeti questions what’s he doing here losing the food. Sarla and Riya come there. The fruits are picked by Riya.

Kaushalya sends Sarla to lose, and this will be cleaned by her. Preeti requests Mohit to really go. Mohit’s hand is held by she. Mohit says I will not be left by Shanti. Mohit says you’ve got to come to meet with me I’ll make an entry. Preeti is asked by Shanti did she get.

Pari speaks to Vyom and believes Vyom is her key. Pari inquires does Shanti not love her and weeps, he’s transformed, she’s going to die. Pari gets distress and Shanti cares for her. Pari embraces Shanti. Shanti takes pari, and says anyone will come. Sarla and Riya are on the way. Riya believes what occurred to Bua. Sarla leaves and gets down the rickshaw. Sarla asserts. Sarla is called by Ashok and she scolds him for not being here and going to pray. Rani gets depressed viewing Amit’s pic and says where’s him, why did he not come.

Vyom requests Pari what’s she doing. Pari embraces him and her transfers away. Pari reminds their love, and asks him to react to her. Pari weeps. Amit leaves and looks at her. Pari believes she’ll command Vyom.

Preeti says Mohit needs me to meet with him. Nimmi makes Mohit is called by Preeti. Mohit is called by Preeti. The shayari says sorry, there’s pressure at home and she can not meet with Nimmi. She switches the telephone off. Nimmi says the phone’s time to reveal his Aashiqui. Rani asks the guy to make photocopy of Amit’s pic and goes to photography store. There comes a woman and inquires Rani is Amit. She is beaten by Rani. Rani that Amit will certainly bring a fresh wife is cursed by the woman. She is scolded by Rani.

Reports are shown by Riya to the physician. The physician says the report’s cancer. Riya feels thanks the doctor and she was doubting on Sarla. What is asked by her. Riya says our Bua is good, she’s not essential. The physician says this report demonstrates multiple organ failure, patient is going to be on life support, patient can not walk, this report is one month old, then Lord is either her if patient is alive or this report is erroneous. Lord thanks him.

Shivam says 500rs spent and brings fruits. Shivam is said by Kaushalya, you’d assembly today. Which assembly is asked by Shivam. Shanti says Riya said, were we fooled by her. The says he come and will give fruits. The goes and says good.

Bindu embraces her weeping and comes to Sarla’s house. Bindu says she then get Ashok wed again, and will pray that Sarla expires. Sarla beats her and says she’ll attribute her departure on Bindu. Bindu leaves. Riya says it means as she lied at my union time Bua lied, Shanti Sadan was becoming mortgaged, I’m not going to let my house sell, I’ll stop Bua’s play, my play begins now.

Shanti says Shivam has been seen by me. Kaushalya says Riya will be asked by me.

Rani is in route and weeps. Riya asks for her and calls her help. Riya says I can not come there. Shivam calls Riya and is additionally on the way. Riya says meet with me shortly, the playground’s significant. Rani says I’ll come. Shivam believes whats Riya doing, why did she lie, and gets her number active.

Preeti is perplexed and switches on her telephone. The jewelry is shown by Sharmili. Mama jokes. Vyom says Pari was seeing all this and is stressed. Sharmili says be great to her. Till Pari is in this house, Mama says, Sujeev is wed. Sharmili says we will get cash monthly, do not come in Pari’s love, I can not trust you. Sujeev feels he destroyed Pari’s life, absurd. A chain is given by her and says give Pari it, tell her you got it for her.

Sarla says cash is being arranged by her, do not do anything to Amit. While goons are active Amit frees the ropes and runs away. Will Sarla arrange 5 lakhs till tomorrow, she calls Shanti and asks. Rani and Riya meet. Riya says 5’s good you comprehended and commends her, don’t good, Amit is missing, so I m stressed. Shivam is seen by Riya and faces are hidden by them. Riya says do not stress, Amit can not marry anyone else. Rani says its great Sarla’s play will soon be endangered. Rani and Riya get tensed seeing Amit.

A plate in rage breaks and gets injured. Vyom says he’ll bring band aid and stresses. Vyom grins seeing Amit caring and behaves to weep. Vyom asks what around wound Amit gave on her heart. Amit says do not worry, everything will be good. Amit gifts Vyom’s gold string and she gets happy. Amit says the chain looks great on you and makes her wear it. Vyom says you’re extremely great and thanks Amit.

Sujeev comes to Vyom hides, and Pari. Ginger tea is asked for by him. Pari says utensils will be washed by her . Sujeev breaks crockery and gets mad. Pari says and cries good, I’ll make you’ve got tea. Pari places sugar and tea powder on Sujeev. Ginger throws on him and says Swaha. Her stops and asks what occurred to her, is she great, she should be handled, she’s becoming angry. Pari says yes, I m angry. Sujeev leaves.

Riya is asked by Shivam is she not deciding on call. Riya says telephone was in tote. Shivam asks about assembly. Bunty asks why did Riya meet with Rani here. Rani says whom will Riya discussion, everyone hear so I called her. Bunty asks Riya will she speak to Rani, or come with him. Riya asks Rani to take care, and says I m coming. Riya and Shivam leave.

Recap: Mohit comes to meet Preeti. She worries seeing Kaushalya.