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Full Written Episode of Qubool Hai 28th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Qubool Hai 28th November 2015:

Scene 1:
Place: Begum’s home
Mahira is tensed for a response, as he says that he only wants to inquire if she’s his, and when she wants to be his for the remaining portion of the life as armaan demands. Mahira and Armaan comes down and discover folks protesting in their own houses and are concerned. He requests whats the issue. They show him the paper, which copes with a distrustful girl in his life. Armaan says that mahira is whoever owns the home, with him. She stands in front of everyone, in that case why are they punishing him, as they are having issues with her,. They request and taunt whats her relationship with this particular guy, since she’s come forward, and then she should leave the town, when she doesnt have a response. As he comes forward she’s speechless. He says that he adores mahira, and holds her hand in front of everyone, and quite shortly shall wed her also. As they’re quieted, the men are taken. gazalla is surprised also. He asks if she accepts the union and then turns to her. She’s stunned and speechless, and laves without a word from there and with teary eyes. He tells them that they’ll get the invitation for union and requests them to leave. they abide resignedly.

She says if this really is correct and that nothing ca be understood by her, and how can she act in haste towards this huge step. What is asked by him. She says that she accepts his hand in marriage, and that her answer is yes. When is asked by him, and she replies that they can anytime. He requests fi tomorrow, they can wed. She inquires if it is too late. Then he says that he must excuse himself for wedding prepartions. he says that he’ll leave himself. As he leaves she’s tensed. They’re thrilled and shocked to hear this. Mahira comes out grinning, while she is teased by them. Begum is happily surprised also and comes in and hears this. Mahira grins. Begum says that she’s extremely joyful, and tells of ehsaan’s wedding and her. They embrace each other and are both overjoyed. Armaan observes tensedly.

Scene 2:
Place: The residence of a peer baba
Begum’s medical file, that reveals him is seen by the priest. He remarks that she isnt standard, however an extremely strong evil spirit and is shocked. He says that she’s hypnotised her grandson. Granny begs him to give out a way, as she is unable to comprehend anything. She’s boggled. He says that this isnt material that was ordinary, as touching this pious material, her reality shall be exposed. She takes it and pays the cash. She believes that ehsaan may have captivated, but she knows the best way to take care of her, and expose her also.

Scene 3:
Place: The home of Ehsaan
Granny locates begum from back, ordering clothing in the wardrobe and comes back with the dupatta, and hurriedly puts the dupatta on the girl. Stutters and granny fumbles and then leaves. The girl leaves also and puts it on the bed, and orders the dupatta. Begum wonders is not so relax, and what’s she upto, and did she get this dupatta. the girl leaves also. Begum contacts it, and eyes the dupatta, and is taken as she senses a tremendous jolt. begum honors. granny leaves.

Scene 4:
Place: Disjunct building
Begum is active practising some rite that is black with other allies in a shadowy corner. One of these tells that they’re all witches. She says that tonight, that such a nighttime is very strong for them, and is the moon nighttime, that glows quite bright in the heavens. Begum says that it is invisible and looks at the heavens. The reality that it hasnt means that now is eclipse, which is a lot better news for them, although she says the moon shall come out. Begum believes when she gets married tonight this means, she’ll resurrect all her powers back. She’s discovered.

Scene 5:
Place: Begum’s residence
While latif and gazalla are busy decking and preparing the house for the wedding, they’re amused as they find mahira dressed like a bride, for the haldi rite. Then, they locate his mom ehsaan and granny coming in and run to greet them. Where’s begum they inquire. Granny is as to where she’s concerned. Latif and gazalla request her to phone and discover out. Mahira opinions tensedly, without telling anyone as to where can begum, on this particular day.

As there is merrriment the haldi service starts with all of them setting haldi on her. He says that he understands this is the rationale begum. they take leave saying that they should get ready for the wedding parties also. Kainat requests mahria freshen and to go up also. she honors. Mahira is walking in the hallway, when she collides into someone and apologises profusely. The individual is flustered also and hurriedly grabs his things and descends the staircase down. Mahira wonders if anyone knew that he’s in the home and discovers that its the same man who was protesting against them and is shocked regarding how armaan can hire someone similar to this, and wonders if he’s conspiring. The display freezes on her face that is tensed.

Precap: Armaan’s permission is asked for by the priest as the wedding rites start. which he easily gives. The priest questions her also, while she eyes armaan tensedly, from the different side of the purdah and then turns to mahira. He requests again, as they wait for the answer and repeats.