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Full Written episode of Sumit Sambhal Lega 22nd December 2015

Full Written episode of Sumit Sambhal Lega 22nd December 2015:

The Episode begins with Sumit showing Maya a pot. She says yes, for friends and your parents also. He is praised by her and he requests her to make more fun of him. She says let me complete slumber and publication, dad and mum are coming in morning. Jai its morning and Avantika request snake wine to attempt.

Maya says Sumit got a present for you both. The same is said by Sumit. Jai and Avantika see the pot. Sumit drinks coughs and wine. Avantika says Sumit that is sweet and reads the lines. Jai says its wonderful son. Sumit inquires are you joking. Maya requests him to join. He leaves.

Maya says Sumit’s pot is reach. Sumit says Dolly didn’t say thanks for pot and stresses. After 3 days, Sumit tells Maya that they didn’t come since 3 days, and is missing Jasbir and Dolly, did they leave home. Dolly says we didn’t hear you since 3 days and comes to them. Sumit attempts asking for pot. Dolly says Jasbir asks for medicine and has head ache. Maya says its there’s drawer. Sumit requests Dolly did she get any package. She says yes perhaps. He questions what possibly, did you get the pot. He goes to Jasbir to request him. Dolly requests Maya that she head snake wine is being drunk by her parents.

Jasbir eats lemon and requests door to close, his eyes are burning by light. Sumit says when you reply me, you’ll get medication. Jasbir says I believe I am loved by Dolly. Sumit inquires did you get pot. Guarantee is said by Jasbir. Sumit says you didn’t see, where’s the pot. Sumit requests him to say. He pulls shows and drapes light. Jasbir says no, I am going to say, Dolly got a fryer and traded pot. What is asked by Sumit. Dolly requests and comes Sumit will. Sumit inquires what did you do. She says I changed pot for fryer, see this, its chips that are needed to fry. Sumit says it was unique pot. Sumit says it means you deceived the shopkeeper Bittoo.

Sumit says it was bronze pot and with message, by love, I got it from much love from Avi, Maya, Sumit and Aaliya. Dolly says calm down, listen to me, I comprehend, but paneer can be fried without oil in fryer. He gets depressed. Jasbir inquires what was the demand to give that pot, are we poor, what are we. Sumit says you guys constantly spoil things, Maya’s parents are not really so bad, they’ll keep my pot inside their display ledge. He leaves.

Maya tells Sumit that its that their is wanted by Sumit thank you constantly. Rajneesh says right, I understand this. Sumit requests him not to begin now. Sumit says no, they do not care for me. Rajneesh plays.

Jasbir says its not operating correctly and whines the fryer. Dolly says fryer is not nasty, but we need our pot back. Jasbir requests Dolly to wait, he’ll manage. He says it should not be used by us. What is asked by the woman. He requests Dolly to manage. Jasbir says Dolly do as I say and Bittoo comes, I am going to deceive my closest friend. She asks why, I ‘ve a head also. Where’s the loo and hints Dolly Jasbir requests Bittoo. Dolly flirts with Bittoo and he questions what’s she. The pot is brought by the woman. Dolly asks the woman for the pot, by her son as its talented. Sumit’s pic is shown by her. The woman will not give the pot and Dolly claims. Dolly snatches the pot. Jasbir requests Dolly safeguard and to run stops him. Jasbir says he can not get found and reveals perspective.

Maya laughs viewing television. She inquires what and gets a call. She tells Sumit that it was call from the store of Bittoo, your parents messed up the store for your pot, come we’ll get them.

The floor cleans and behaves strange. Everyone is shocked..

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