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Full Written Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2015

Full Written Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2015 :

Pathak went there to conceal the body, believe what’s going to be my motivation. Ishita and Raman look on. Pathak requests post mortem report to be checked by Abhishek, he was at his office in the guy’s passing. Why did he not tell authorities Abhishek requests. Pathak says I was scared that those folks.. Who are asked by Abhishek. Abhishek inquires where you need to go, to erase the evidence? Raman requests truth to be said by Pathak.

Pathak says sorry Raman, I accept Raman was lied to by me, I was weak to save Trisha, forgive me. Why did you not tell me Ishita inquires.

Raman inquires did you get cash from Ashok. Pathak says yes, but it was not early, Trisha was kidnapped by those men, I must go there to give cash. Abhishek says concurred, what about body that is dead. He says I do not understand, they called me outdoor city to meet, I believe this has been done by them, that Trisha’s life doesn’t get in danger, I didn’t tell authorities, please let me go. Raman requests Pathak to be helped by Abhishek. Abhishek says good, I am going to help Pathak. Pathak says no, I can not set Trisha in danger. Abhishek says such goons are known by me, tell me. Pathak tells him the location. Raman says I ‘ll come along. Abhishek says no, less folks should go, do not worry, I ‘ll bring Trisha.

Ashok says this must not occur again and scolds someone. He says do not understand how many folks should I kill, to kill Raman and stops call. Mihika and Mihir and Pathak speak in office. He’s upset understanding Pathak cheating Raman. Mihir says he’s really great and everyone deceives him, is this occurring with Raman. She says Raman is not weak. He says I m stressed, how much pressure will Raman endure.

At home, Ishita and Raman have a conversation. He says Trisha is loved by Pathak and anyone would do that when his love is in trouble. He requests her to believe keeping him in that area and is not mad on Pathak. She says do not out yourself in that area, please. He says I m happy Pathak demonstrated his love like you do. He gets the call of Abhishek and is alleviated understanding Trisha is good. Ishita is told by him.

She stresses that Ashok can get determined to hurt Raman. Abhishek says yes, he’ll be mad. Ishita says I believe Shagun next will be contacted by Ashok. I am asked by Shagun? Ishita says me, he will contact me and understands Shagun’s soul is in me, then I make an effort to understand who’s his informer in our home, once he gets in our snare and will cross.

Vandu asks about Bala and tells Amma to give bathroom to Shitija its morning. Bala gifts and comes a saree to Vandu. He says I got this and enjoyed it. She says so sweet, but give me invoice, its colours will alter. She leaves. He says Vandu appears standard, what was Raman I should speak to Ishu.

Ashok reads news and is in eatery. He says oh no, cops got the watchman’s body, I believed his chapter will close. He meets with talks about company and Khurana. Khurana says I heard Raman is quoting for this particular contract. Khurana says my buddy and I ‘ll meet and come. Khurana assembly is seen by Ashok

Ashok requests Khurana about Prateek. Khurana says Prateek is my buddy, he was scared of matters that are paranormal since youth. Ashok believes how does he command the soul of Shagun, there’s something fishy. Ishita delays for call and discussions to Simmi. She gets waste call and then gets the call of Ashok. She requests whether anyone is coming Simmi to go out as well as see. She speaks to Ashok as Shagun. He believes is this phantom imitation like Prateek. She says I believed I was forgotten by you. He says sorry, I was not idle, so I called now, shall we meet on dinner. He says no, we’ll meet at home. She says no manners, I am going to come. He says brilliant, tonight it’ll be positive Ishita has Shagun as my informer is not going to do this work I am going to use her against Raman. She says I need to understand who’s his informer in our home.

Ashok says I believed to get you meet with someone, my informer in Bhalla house. Why not, I’d like to understand who’s standing in that house against Raman she says intriguing.