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Full Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2015

Full Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2015 :

Begins with everyone and Rajshri . Varsha is clarified to by Ananya. Varsha requests her to take her guidance before helping Naksh. Ananya says Akshara will come on Bhai dooj, we’ll tell her. Akshara requests Naitik will they actually file case on Naksh.

Keshav calls on Naitik and landline chats to him. Bhabhimaa says she was stressed. Naira reminds Akshara now that its bhai dooj, and says everything is going to be great. Naksh grins. Mishti and Naira show their tilak aarti plates. Mishti and Naira and Naksh embrace. Nandini does rites with Naman and Naitik and comes with Yash. While Mishti and Naira do rites with Yash and Naksh. Naksh says sorry, I didn’t get present. Naira says good, you always have the option to give us a present, that is a hug. The sisters present Naksh. Naksh enjoys thanks Naira and greatest brother mug.

The family stresses hearing police siren. Tara does bhai dooj rites with her brothers. She says she’s tensed, do not understand what’s Dada ji thinking. Aditya says Sangram and Vikram are quiet since they came from police station, you understand their wrath, they are going to plan something big, do not worry, I ‘ll see. Naman says do not stress, authorities didn’t come to our house. Varsha asks about Naksh and phones Akshara. Akshara says she’s concerned. Varsha apologizes from the side of Ananya. Akshara says its fine, our kids have great bond, I m stressed for Naksh.

Mishti and Naira take Naksh to room. Devyaani requests Akshara to visit her Maayka. Akshara says she’s stressed for Naksh. Devyaani says you go, I am going to see him. When our attorney requested Dada ji, I told him to prepare any legal response for Tara’s family, he tells everyone that it was attorney’s call, he said he is not going to file case and recognized his error. Akshara says I can not believe this, it perhaps his strategy also.

Dada ji comes with Aditya Sangram and Vikram. They are greeted by him. He says he requests them to forget everything and was upset yesterday. Dada ji says it occurs, it was even lets end it. Dada ji gives the suggestion for Naksh of Tara.

Akshara says never, I do not accept this, this is their preparation. Akshara inquires what occurred that selection altered. Dada ji says I do not speak to girls, when guys are here, these aren’t our customs. He says when Tara said she adores Naksh Sangram has beaten Naksh believing her was teasing, I needed to melt. I can not see her tears.

As Akshara didn’t come Rajshri stresses. Anshu and Shaurya are waiting. Ananya says Bua and I ‘ll fight, we have to also get value. Dada ji says Tara’s Roka has broke, then he’s come here for Tara. Akshara questions how can you determine about the happiness of Tara. When girls get liberty to play sports Dada ji says, they equate themselves with guys, guys should manage everything.

He asks them to consent for this particular suggestion. He says he might have got Naksh detained and sees everyone quiet, as Naksh is his son also, however he didn’t do this, he’ll see his happiness, that is with Tara, only say yes.

Recap: Dada ji asks Naksh to decide, as he is over 18 and can tell his decision to marry. Akshara asks Naksh not to come in his words and think well.