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Full Written Episode Update of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2016

Full Written Episode Update of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2016

You’ve done wrong. Ahem, Gopi, Vidya and Shravan come home. Hetal run to them. Ahem requests if the door opens? Hetal says she’s not listening to anyone. Meera is asked about by Gopi. Hetal says she’s in her room. Vidya shouts looking at her and comes to Meera’s room. Gopi and ahem comes to room. Gopi says she’s safe with us and requests Vidya not to worry about Meera. Ahem is also depressed. Gopi requests him not to stress. She says we must really go as she’s not eaten anything to Maa ji. Subsequently we need to meet with attorney additionally. Vidya is depressed and is at Meera’s side. Gopi gives her jumper to wear, as well as self, requests her to take care of Meera. Shravan comes out of room and looks at the sisters. Gopi and ahem request Kokila come out of room and to open.

She says you are needed by Meera, she is good and is in the home. She requests Hetal to describe to Kokila. She says we want you. Ahem says we are concerned and stresses about her well-being. Kokila believing something and is sitting on her rocking chair. Hetal says today is the dim night and everybody is unhappy. Gopi says tomorrow will bring and speaks favorably. Inspector tells her that today is Dharam and Saturday is not going to get bond till Monday. He says if the charge can be taken back by Meera dharam could be freed. Gaura says dharam is not guilty. Inspector says it’s very hard to free him, and says we’ve an eye witness who’d seen the offense occurring. Gaura rues that she’s going to save her son. She is heard by Dharam.

Gopi asks for the great to take place and prays to Kanha ji. Meera increases consciousness and requests Vidya, who has brought me here, and what occurred to me. Vidya tells her everything which is muffled, and this also shocks Meera. Vidya says Gopi saved you and had reached there at the perfect minute. She is followed by Vidya. Gopi asks God not to give talks and her pain about the worth of a daughter. Meera is in pain, she says, I get broken, and asks God to give her all pain instead.

Gopi says she’ll get the man penalized who’d done terrible with Meera and requests God to return her daughter. Meera gets the stairs down. Kinjal and Hetal attempt to prevent her, but in vain. Kinjal inquires what happened to you unexpectedly. Meera keeps hand on her shoulder and comes to Gopi. Gopi requests are you great? Gopi says situation was such that I needed to bring you here. Meera apologizes and sits down holding Gopi’s feet, calling her Maa. Everyone and Gopi are joyful and surprised. Meera says Maa….Gopi is mental and joyful.