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Full Written Episode Update of Udaan 27th April 2016

Full Written Episode Update of Udaan 27th April 2016

Full Written Episode Update of Udaan 27th April 2016
Udaan Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode begins with Rathod requesting the girls to practice. He asks Chakor observe training and to sit away. Tina goes and grins to Chakor. She inquires how did you get your clothing, was it got by your lover, he’s our next goal. Who are asked by Chakor. Tina says your fan….. Chagan says we will take baraat and goes in Billu’s union. Billu grins seeing Imli. Imli plays with the music and says sorry, I got late in getting prepared, I ‘d to come in buddy’s union.

Suraj is furious and tells his servant he will make for him and commend him all her life. Does bandhua get married Suraj inquires. Imli dances. Suraj goes to everyone quit dancing and them. Suraj inquires do I give you cash to dance here. He requests Imli to come with him and asks them to play dhol. He says you dancing here, and didn’t dance when I said. She says Billu is its his union now, my childhood buddy. He gets her and holds her hand. She gets happy. Chagan remembers speaking to Imli and looks on. Suraj requests Imli to sit in the jeep.

Ranjana requests Vivaan does he need cash, so that he gets drugs I won’t give money. He says your bag has cash pile, give me. She inquires how do you understand. He says if you don’t give me money, I stopped and was stealing it, I ‘ve seen it, I am going to steal it. He says right, you may be responsible for what happens next, I ‘ve other mom, she is going to help me. She gives him cash and stops him. She asks him not to visit Tejaswini. He gets happy. He says I don’t need to visit her, thanks for the money. He leaves.

Tejaswini says I ‘ve seen Vivaan keeping cash and comes to Ranjana, so he was helped by you, I didn’t believe you are going to drop so little to help him, I didn’t understand your love isn’t important than hate for me, by giving him cash you gave him drugs. Ranjana says now I only gave, I won’t give. Tejaswini requests indeed; he’ll request again. She leaves.

Vivaan remembers and drinks Chakor. Why did she come he inquires? She asks why he is frightened to get favorable. He requests her to find somebody else. He says and leave me alone. She nods. Chakor sees them. Tina goes.

Chakor requests him not to come in Tina’s words, and she is trapping you. He asks why do you care, tell me, why do you feel our friendship is not real. She asks him why he does not leave drugs.


Chakor requests her will not or he leave drugs to be told by Vivaan. He asks her to leave. The car hit her. He shouts Chakor