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Google patents a “receptacle” for drone deliveries

Google patents a “receptacle” for drone deliveries

Google had announced in November that it might be using drones to deliver packages in America by 2017. While not much else is known about Project Wing, as it’s called, they did have an original image manner back in 2014. The latest patent, merely yesterday granted to the company, gives us a bit more detail about how it is all supposed to work.

The patent is for a “mobile delivery receptacle”. It is essentially a box, to store your package safely until you can retrieve it, mounted on wheels, allowing it move around. Once the carton receives a sign a delivery is on the route; it emits infrared beacons to direct the drone to it. Once it arrives, the package is dropped into the receptacle, which in turn rolls itself to your door or another area you consider safer.
Naturally, not one of these drones can definitely get off the ground until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets down laws to govern the formerly uncharted residential airspaces.

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