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How A Leaking Pipe Can Do Significant Water Damage to Your Home

Are you suffering from damages because of the water leakages in the pipe? Do you want to know how you can fix it and why these leaks occur in the first place? We have seen in many houses that people get frustrated because of pipeline leakages, which is a waste of water and results in the damage of household goods. 

In this article, we will tell you how a single leak in your water pipeline causes so much trouble in your house and also give you an easy guide to fix it once and for all. So, let’s get started. 

Why do water pipeline leaks in the first place?

There isn’t any kind of specific reason for the leakage of pipelines in houses as there are reasons behind it like:

  • Broken seals– while placing the pipeline safely, the contractors use strong seals to connect the pipelines. As time passes, the adhesive in these seals starts getting weak, and at the end, it gets break which causes the leak.
  • Clogged pipelines: clogged pipelines can cause leakages because of excessive pressure.
  • Corrosion: This is one of the most common causes of leakage in the pipeline. During the rainy or winter season, many people suffer corrosion in their pipeline, which damages the pipe and causes leakage. 
  • Loose water connectors: the hoses and pipes that are connecting the pipelines hold the water. If your water connector is loose, it will result in the loss of water from the pipeline.  

What are the signs which tell you to have a water leak in your house?

Are you not able to detect the leakage problem in your house properly? Sometimes, many people avoid these kinds of leakages in their house, which results in the loss of water and loss of money. So, here are some of the signs that mean you have a pipeline leakage.

1. Increase in the water bills

You should keep an eye on your water bill closely along with other bills too. If you notice an unexpected rise in the bill, then maybe it’s time you check out the pipelines or leakage in the house. 

2. Check the mold and mildew

Little mold and mildew in the shower are common even in the cleanest houses because of the moisture and weather changes. However, molds in the baseboard, walls, and ceiling are not a good sign for you. Whenever you see these molds in your ceiling or walls, you should contact the experts like Plumber Brisbane or many others immediately. 

3. Check on the running meter

A running meter helps in knowing whether your house is suffering from water leakage or not. You should switch off all the water appliances and connections like no toilers, no supply of water line in the house, nothing. 

If everything is stopped, then your water meter should indicate no movement, right? However, if you found some movement in the water meter, that means you have a leaking problem. 

4. Musty and smelling rooms

Sometimes, mold results in a foul smell, and the members in the house can easily smell them. If you live in a humid climate and your house is fully ventilated, it is impossible to know the smell. When water sits in a place for hours, it produces an unpleasant odor in the house. 

5. Water sounds and Cracks in houses

When there’s a leakage in the house, you will notice the dropping sound of the water from the ceilings or taps. Also, you will find cracks in the wall caused by the moisture in the wall. These signs will tell you about the leakage in your house.

Water Stained walls
Image by Jean-Pierre Pellissier from Pixabay

How Water Leakage damages your property?

If you have water leakage in your house, then it should be contained as soon as possible. However, if the member of the properly avoids the situation or didn’t take care of it on time, then the result would be different like:

  • It can flood your house as the pipe will burst out at night due to the pressure, and the leaking part will release the water. 
  • Water can damage the wall of your house by cracking it and makes it moist. Not only, you have to repair the wall, but also you need to make sure that it can never happen again, which costs you more money. 
  • Due to leakage, your furniture and other items in the house can get damaged or spoiled. 
  • Leakage invites many harmful diseases as mosquitos and flies are attracted to the moist place, which risks spreading harmful diseases in the house. 
  • Many insurance policies do not cover water damage, so you have to put your own money online to fix the issues.
  • Sometimes, the source of the leakage is not from the inside of the house but outside. Water can damage your walls and ceiling, making them wet, which causes water to leak in the room and other areas. 
  • Water leakages result in a hike in the water bill, disturbing your monthly budget and making you pay even more on the bills and the damaged items. 

How to fix the leakage in pipelines?

Fixing the pipeline is easy if you get the care and follow the necessary points like:

  • Keep a check on the water bill or any possible where you think there’s a chance of water leak. Fix that area as soon as you spot it. 
  • Fix the pipeline and control the pressure accordingly so that it doesn’t damage the pipe. 
  • Use water-proof seals or adhesive, which stops the water from coming out. 
  • Contact the plumber or an expert if you can’t control the situation.


With these points, you will be able to identify the water leakage in your house and control it effectively and efficiently. Also, you need to be aware of the damages done by the water leaks to save time, effort, and money. 

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