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How To Get a Safe VoIP Number for Telegram?

Quite often. There is a need to use multiple accounts on social networks such as Telegram. The problem is that you must provide your phone number to register. Therefore, users either refuse this idea or spend money on buying new SIM cards. In fact, there is a simpler and more profitable solution — a virtual number

Benefits of a one-time VoIP number for Telegram

Thanks to cloud technologies, a SIM card is no longer needed if you use a virtual number. But you can still use it to make calls, send messages, subscribe to channels, and share photos/videos on Telegram. Users can choose a one-time or permanent VoIP number. Each of them has its advantages. As you might guess, the main benefit of using a one-time virtual number is the price.

Hottelecom offers users a one-time and permanent virtual number for the social network. The first one allows you to create an unlimited number of profiles. Thus, it is absolutely safe to send the created advertising newsletters. If you are unlucky and your account has been blocked, you can simply purchase a new number and start over. This service is in demand because it is much cheaper and easier than buying a new SIM card.

Benefits of a permanent virtual number for Telegram

No less often, users rent permanent virtual numbers. This service is billed monthly. This is convenient because the account can be blocked, but the user will not lose anything. The rules do not prohibit renting a new VoIP number and using the same previously used features. Users prefer VoIP numbers for several reasons:

  • No need to purchase multiple SIM cards;
  • Possibility to create any number of personal accounts;
  • Rental of virtual numbers for Telegram is available at a reasonable price;
  • It is possible to enter a personal profile without a smartphone.

The functionality of a virtual number for a social network does not differ from the usual one when using Telegram. Chat with friends, follow the news, subscribe to interesting channels, or engage in active business activities. You can create a newsletter or use other marketing tools by creating an account using a VoIP number. One of the main advantages of virtual numbers is that you will not lose much if the account is blocked. Permanent numbers on Hottelecom are paid monthly, and disposable numbers are very cheap.

A virtual number is useful not only for business people. Many users want to create social network accounts that will not be tied to their native numbers. This is usually done for security reasons, but there are often other reasons as well. Since buying a SIM card is not the most profitable option, users connect to Hottelecom services. At the same time, you can find virtual numbers for other social networks or use VoIP foreign numbers.

Is it worth buying a virtual number for Telegram?

Thanks to the virtual number, attackers will not determine your location by it. An additional layer of anonymity can be useful for active Telegram users who fear the safety of their accounts and data.

The Hottelecom offer is also notable because you can purchase a phone number from a country where you do not live. A VoIP number for Telegram is a beneficial service for those who use social networks for business, value their security, or just want to create a new account. Choose a cheap one-time virtual number for registering new accounts or prefer renting a permanent VoIP number for Telegram.

Featured Image by Nyoman Suartawan from Pixabay