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Insights into Live Casino Gaming

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology that has opened doors to massive possibilities for casino gaming. With any ‘on the go’ gadgets and high-speed internet, you can enjoy your favorite game. You can also do so from anywhere and at any time.

The best innovation for casinos today is live casinos. They are a tremendous breakthrough in the gaming industry because you can play with another gamer as the land-based casinos do.

You can enjoy an incredible experience similar to the brick and motor casinos from up-to-date and reputable live casinos like Casino Days. Live casinos stream live video, which allows the gamer to watch the entire process. The participants interact with others in real-time.

If you are interested in live casino games but have no idea where to start, this guide will inform you of everything you need to know. First, let’s define a live casino game.

What Is Live Casino Gaming?

Live casino gaming entails watching live video feeds. Games on online casinos use computer-generated graphics, differentiating them from live casino games.

The 3D Virtual Reality used in live games enables any player with a smartphone, desktop, or other reliable computerized devices to participate in the game like physical casinos. You can enhance the experience by using goggles, but you don’t require any extra hardware like the headsets.

The technology used in live casino gaming is hi-tech with advanced security systems. As a result, gamers enjoy a smooth user experience, and their sensitive information gets optimal protection.

With the development of various excellent casino software, you can now play the following casino games live;

Games You Can Play at a Live Casino

Image by Aidan Howe en Pixabay

1. Blackjack

First, you’ll have to pick your table. Seats in green color around the table are usually vacant. Then place a bet. Next, choose a chip value and a betting spot. You now have placed your bet. The game begins, and depending on the outcome, your bet is settled.

2. Sic Bo

It originated in China and is popular with Asian gamblers. The live match entails playing using three regular dice with six sides. Then the dice are rolled, and each participant predicts the outcome.

Like in the Roulette game, the players may place a chip after choosing among the available bets. Then a live dealer shakes the dice. The results displayed on the screen indicate whether you’ve won or not. If you win, you receive payments based on the winning bet.

3. Andar Bahar

In this live casino game, you first choose a side to bet on. You can pick either Andar or Bahar. Then select an amount on your bet. It will display the amount to receive when you win. Afterward, the dealer deals with the cards, which is the most exciting part but full of anxiety.

In case you win, you receive your money instantly!

4. Baccarat

In this live game, card values are not similar. The cards with a 10 – value, such as King, Jack, and Queen, are worth nothing. An Ace is worth one, while the 2 – 9 cards are worth what’s on their face. You don’t use card suits in baccarat.

In a baccarat live, the outcomes are either one of the following;

  • Player
  • Banker
  • Tie

The dealer does all the work while the players wager on the outcome. register on a recommended live casino like Casino Days to play live baccarat. Then choose a live baccarat variant and place your bet.

If your bet is on ‘player’ and you win, your stake doubles. But if you win on a ‘banker’ bet, you only receive 95% of the wager. A win on a ‘tie’ will increase your stake by 11 times!

After placing your bet, the live dealer will start dealing. He will face up two cards, one for the player and the other for himself. If the hand values are below 5, you can draw a third card. But if the hand value is 8 or 9, it’s called a natural, and both gamers stand.

The player with a card value of near 9 wins. If the two cards consist of a value above 9, you will have to add the total of both values and omit the tens.

5. Hold ‘Em Poker

Like in the regular Hold ‘Em Poker, the hand that reveals the top five-card poker wins the pot. You start by placing an ante. Then pick a bonus bet which is usually optional. At this stage, all players and the dealer get two hole cards.

Then the three shared community cards, also known as the flop, are spread. The dealer goes ahead and places a bet at this point. The player with the best five-card poker carries the pot.


Live casino gaming is full of fun and reality. The technology used allows gamers to play with their fellow players in real-time. The gaming experience is like that one in a physical casino.

Also, there are endless games you can play live. You only need to identify a reliable live casino. The above information will help you understand live casino gaming if trying to venture into it. Keep track of current live casino news on recommended platforms for more information.

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