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Instagram WordPress Plugins that Will Help in Gaining Extra Traffic

Instagram is currently one of the topmost platforms that have a big user base. Businesses are using Instagram in order to get a constant flow of traffic on their website. According to, 35% of the online adults are using Instagram. The platform is ideal for posting images of high quality and gaining a huge base of followers. Using the WordPress Instagram plugins is going to make it extremely easy to integrate this amazing platform with the blog in an effective manner.


Given below is a list of the plugins that can be used if you want to gain more traffic.

Instagram Slider Widget

This is one of the best looking responsive widgets, which is capable of displaying almost twenty photos from the Instagram profiles. You have the option of linking the images with custom URLs as per your wish. It is extremely easy and simple to use this plug-in. Moreover, it does not involve any complicated settings or the requirement of API. It can be used by both the beginners as well as the professional businessmen.

Instagram Portfolio

Instagram Portfolio is one of the high-end Instagram plugins for your WordPress site, which is going to assist you to create a beautiful looking and customized gallery. You will get almost ten effects, which are going to amaze the users and they will not leave your site.

The plug-in is known to support the videos as well as images, which are going to be displayed within the gallery. The gallery can be customized with the header and various other interesting elements. You can also make your images open in a beautiful lightbox. Since this plug-in is extremely responsive, it is going to make this widget look perfect on various devices.

Flexi Instagram Feed

Flexi Instagram Feed is a great Instagram plug-in that comes with multiple displays as well as layout options that are going to make the Instagram profile stand out in the crowd. The plug-in comes with a simple and convenient user interface, and the setup wizard is responsible for making the creation of the Instagram feed layout extremely fun and easy. The plug-in is also known to include lifetime update, advanced customization, and it is responsive to all the devices on which you are interested in viewing your website.

Instagrate to WordPress

This plug-in is responsible for automatically integrating your Instagram account with the WordPress blog that you have. It helps in fetching and posting images from the Instagram profile to the blog posts. This easy integration is making numerous people opt for this particular plug-in. It has also gained a lot of popularity because of the simple user interface that it has.

Simply Instagram

This plug-in goes by the name that it has. It is one of the simple Instagram WordPress plugins, which aids you to show the photos from your Instagram account either by using a shortcode or a widget. Therefore, if you are interested, you will be able to place your favorite photos within a particular post or a page, on basis of the requirements that you have.


InstaShow is another Instagram widget, which is responsible for helping in creating the beautiful galleries of the Instagram images. This is not only a responsive plug-in but it is also retina ready, which is going to make your galleries look the best irrespective of the devices that you are using.

This widget is known to come with at least 50 parameters that are adjustable and can help in creating images that look great. It also consists of 10 wonderful color schemes. You will get complete control of the types of images that you are interested in showing in your widget. You can display your images with the help of hashtags, your usernames, or the URL. You also have the option of controlling the size of your images on basis of the requirement that you have.

Enjoy Instagram

This is one of the best quality Instagram WordPress plugins, with the help of which you can integrate your Instagram account with the blog that you have. You will be able to display the photos in the carousel or the slider, which can be shown anywhere with a shortcode or a widget.

The user will be able to display the photos by making use of the Instagram hashtags on the Instagram account. This plug-in is completely responsive, which means that the images are going to look perfect even when you are using devices that have a small screen. If you want to get likes on your Instagram account, you can visit the website of

Easy Instagram

Another amazing option for showing photos from your Instagram profile is this plug-in. Users have the option of showing their Instagram photos with the help of the user ID or hashtags, using the widgets or shortcodes. You are not going to come across any complicated setting. You can be assured that the process of integration is extremely simple.

WP Instagram Widget

It is one of the simplest and amazing Instagram plugins, which will help in integrating your Instagram profile with the WordPress blog that you have. For using this widget, you do not have to provide the login details. It can be used in a simple and convenient manner by both the professionals as well as the beginners.

Instagram Badges

Instagram Badges

If you are interested in promoting the Instagram profile that you have, this is the best Instagram WordPress plug-in that is available. This plug-in helps in adding Instagram badges to the WordPress blog so that you can link your profile and promote it in a simple manner.

Alpine PhotoTile

It is one of the most powerful plugins, which helps in showing the posts from any Instagram profile or with the assistance of a particular hashtag or shortcode. The user has the option of inserting images without the help of additional coding. You have the option of linking your photos to the Instagram page that you have, an URL, or a Lightbox in accordance with the wish that you have.


It is true that numerous WordPress plugins are available but it is a daunting task to choose the one that is going to be perfect for your needs. Select from the wide range of plugins that have been mentioned above if you want to integrate your Instagram account with your WordPress site.

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