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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Viplav And Dhaani Are Romancing!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Viplav And Dhaani Are Romancing!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” starts after understanding that she is unwell with Viplav is dashing to Kanak’s room with Sushma. Kanak takes a breath, and Kamini gives her water.

Viplav says I have to bring the blanket. Kamini says I will do the same, but Viplav asked to her to be with Maa and Viplav race to bring the blanket.

Kamini gives water to Sushma and Kanak, and Viplav is worried now. The next scene shows that Dhaani reached to the Baahari Gali and shocked to see everybody is staring at her in an unusual way.

She’s asking everybody where the Bhaskar School is, and eventually, she shocked to see that Asthana is there, and Kamini additionally calls Dhaani to come home ASAP as Maa is not well now.

On the other hand, cops come in the site to look out something. He is joined by Dhaani and Asthana was in his car and pledge him to stop her in her dwelling. Asthana gives his nod.

Dhaani wants some water from Asthana and Asthana give it to her, and she has it. The few drops of water also fall in the Saaree of Dhaani now.

Now Dhaani comeback in her’s still and the dwelling don’t understand anything about Asthana. In fact, she promised him that she was going to help him.

Now in the home, everybody scolded Dhaani as she was missing from the house and when Viplav requested her, where she went, she replied I can’t tell you where I went.

But Dhaani said to Viplav that I will let you know when the right time will be coming. Viplav told me you want to be you can go to meet with your Maa. I am always with you.

As you need to examine in the mean time, why she was frequently lying when Dhaani requested to Kamini, Kamini said, and Dhaani gives her nod.

Now in the kitchen Kamini prepare Paratha with Dhaani and Kamini mixture Bhasm on it as now when Viplav is going to have this Paratha he’ll be in the Kamini’s control when Dhaani moves on.

Precap: Kamini envious to see that Dhaani and Viplav are doing romance jointly, and she phoned Asthana in Dhaani’s stress and assured him that she is ready to do anything for him.

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