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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Viplav Hiding in the Room!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Episode Written Update: Viplav Hiding in the Room!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the TV begins with Viplav is speaking on the telephone to someone. He asked about Kanak’s well-being and saw Sushma. Kamini said that Maa Ji is right and give the Paratha to Viplav and unexpectedly come. Without understanding that Bhasm is a mixture in it, Viplav will eat the Paratha.

But the next scene reveals that Viplav give his Paratha to Dashrath as Dashrath is not overly full to eat it, and Dashrath began flirting with Sushma after having the Paratha. Sushma said Dhaani make this Paratha and is shocked.

Dashrath said maybe you instruct her to make the Paratha that’s Paratha is not overly severe. Slowly Dashrath attempt to holds her tight and holds Sushma and kisses on her hands, but she runs away.

Dadi Bua requested to Dhaani is she combine something in the Paratha and Viplav laugh seeing this scene, Dhaani said no she didn’t. Viplav holds Dhaani to do love affair with her and Asthana phoned Kamini and Dhaani receives the telephone. She requested him to organize a journey for her and speak in Dhaani’s smell.

As She believes that Dhanai told this Asthana is overly joyful. In the meantime, Viplav and Dulari meet and asked her about her well-being. Viplav additionally requested her you meet just with Dhaani forget me and that I ‘m your son.

Dulaari is shocked to understand so and asked to Viplav that since a long time she didn’t meet with Dhaani although I additionally need to meet with you. Viplav is shocked to understand so afterward why she discussed myth to me. Viplav believes that Dhaani must conceal something from me; I should find the truth out.

And Dhaani is currently preparing to leave. Kamini additionally made a strategy with Asthana that trust is ’sed by Kamini going to help him on winning Dhaani.

Asthana believes it’s wise and looks on the blossoms which Kamini gives to him and have the blossoms.

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