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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates: Viplav’s was Restless!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates: Viplav’s was Restless!

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of the TV series “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” started with Dadi Bua requesting the Pandits to sit and to have fruits. Pandit Jees said that they were tremendously impressed with the Dadi’s Bua’s service towards him.

Now Pandit Ji asked to Dasharath that folks were discussing his widow strategy, and he needs to do charity. Pandit Jee said it’ll be the perfect jewelry gift for charity although Dadi Bua said she desires to give fruits and food for the charity.

Dadi Bua said she’d go to do her Puja. Dasharath said he would think and donate the jewelry and one Dashrath left, and the corrupted Pandit Jee said that I am going to snatch everything in coming days from Dashrath.

Dhaani told me she needs to complete the preparations of the nighttime although now Viplav asked Dhaani to come. Viplav is surprised and requested to her how can you finish all the works in the night but Dhaani said she asked Viplav to leave and need to do.

Now Viplav made arrangements of flowers and soon after Dhaani enters the room, Viplav put all the flowers on her, and Dhaani grins and Viplav desired to do love affair with her but Master Ji call and asked to Dhaani if she wants to analyze she have to come in the night. Dhaani gives her nod, and she can’t bunk her courses and left.

Viplav locates Dhaani some skeptical and decides to follow her. So when she came to her room and got prepared to leave for her classes, Viplav follow her in Shawl and hides. While she was on the road that tonight he will be coming, now Viplav telephone and come to Dhaani.

Viplav requested to Dhaani are you in the home? Dhaani said yes. Dhaani decides to back house and believes something, but she thinks that she can’t overlook her study. And Master Ji is looking forward to her. While walking Dhaani feels that someone is following her, but she disregarded and reached Baahari Gali.

In the meantime, the road was a puzzle and Viplav overlooks Dhaani and Dhaani meet with the Master Jee; Master Jee asked her to write something, and she writes Viplav’s name and the paper flow in the air when she attempts to show the same to Master Jee and stick in Viplav’s face. The paper throws without seeing it and its rejoinder to Dhaani, Dhaani smiles and holds the paper.