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Ishq Ka Rang Safed full Written Episode of 6th November 2015

Ishq Ka Rang Safed full Written Episode of 6th November 2015:

The episode retains with Ashram contract documents in Dhaani palm which Dasharath offered to her as she walks into the Ashram. She recalls their signatures being taken by Viplav on documents that are empty, subsequently then, and NGO ladies requesting concerning the Ashram region somebody grabbing papers from her palm stating he’s Viplav’s guy. She evokes Dasharath informing that his grand-son have not done correct. She cries. Music is sung by Dasharath. Kanak performs tune aswell and comes. She claims I’m happy as my boy is likely to be preserved from grabs that are widows’. Dasharath informs her that Viplav requires her to possess patience and visited Ashram. Kanak requires but….Dasharath requires her to hold back.

Dulaari questions what’s the issue and questions Dhaani why she’s weeping? Dhaani says she’s not weeping. Badi Amma inquires what’s the issue? Nothing is said by Dhaani. Group Baja sound is heard by them and open the door. Viplav comes with the women in the Ashram and dances. Badi Amma inquires what’s the issue? Viplav says I’ll tell but I will settle scores with Dhaani. Dhaani says we says you’ve joked about us, and got to see your Rakshas side. Dhaani says Maayi was correct about you. Viplav asks her to tell what went wrong and says you’re doing wrong.

Dhaani says a Rakshas was you and says I’d never have met you, is a Rakshas and will be Rakshas eternally. The door shuts. Tripurari inquires Viplav what occurred? Viplav asks why you consistently meet me outside Ashram. Tripurari asks him to come home and says you’re looking tensed. Tripurari says he was given by Dasharath. Viplav tells he does not understand about his error. Badi Amma dissed him and inquires Dhaani, why did you smack him. Dhaani says Viplav was Lala with our enemy, and was deceiving us. Dhaani says he’s stolen the documents also. Dulaari says I was yelling from one he is not trustable. She inquires if everybody is happy.

Sita Maayi says it can not be accurate. Dhaani says Viplav needed to get our Ashram. Dulaari wanted to loot us, and says he was a treachery. She says we did not see the documents which Viplav brought, and says the documents have torn in rage. Dhaani says I’ve seen with my eyes that he was embracing Lala. Dhaani says he says he is not going to get this Ashram and needed to make us feel terrible. Viplav is furious and remembers Dhaani smacking him. Viplav is thought about by Dhaani.

Dulaari asks what occurred and sees all the girls unfortunately sitting? She says my daughter did not do a huge error, as everybody is mad on her. Badi Amma says it’s more than a thing that is depressing. She says she can not be incorrect in identifying Viplav. She says Viplav can not betray us. Dhaani says your thinking can not alter. Dhaani says the concealed of a great guy has been worn by Viplav, but he’s done. Later she weeps. Dulaari comes to her and sees her weeping. Dhaani embraces her and says she trusted him and made Viplav buddy. Dhaani says as people are poor, they took advantage of him. Dhaani says you told me that he isn’t a guy that is good, but I did not concur. Dhaani apologizes for trusting and not believing her. Dhaani weeps and embraces her.

Prakash tells Viplav that he’s being Widows’s savior what would have occur with them. Viplav is furious, and says let Ashram and Dhaani go to hell.